What’s Cooking at LFP HQ


It’s been about a month since the Free Food Photography Course 30 Days to Better Food Photos ended. It has been more than three years since we first started this food photography course.. and every year, participants have send so much love our way that here at LFP HQ we’ve been overwhelmed.

Several thousand people have “graduated” from this 30 Day course and it’s just been amazing to watch “students” get better.

Wanna know what’s coming up next? Read on to know more (including about $325 giveaway)…

Time to Celebrate

There is so much to celebrate at LFP HQ and we want to share these celebrations with you.

Recently, we’ve had a lot of good news here at the HQ. To start with, LFP facebook page got love of 30,000 readers some time back. That’s right… today more than 30,000 readers share their love of LFP on facebook.

Then, this year, for third year in a row, we had absolutely amazing participation in the free Food Photography course. About 3000 people joined us in this course.

In past few years, we’ve interviewed dozens of amazing food photographers and stylists, including those from Saveur Magazine, Nat Geo, Martha Stewart Circle, Cooking Light Magazine, KFC and many many more amazing publications and clients.

We are beginning another season of this podcast. Let’s get into the details.

New Podcast Season is Coming

We are excited to announce new season of LFP Podcast. This season, you can expect more amazing food photographers, stylists and related personalities to share food photography lessons with us.

In the very near future, we will be bringing you these amazing guests… Meet the upcoming guests:

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DMBLGiT Update

In June we “acquired” DMBLGiT and decided to relaunch the contest. November will be the relaunch month of DMBLGiT at LFP. That’s right, here at LFP we’ll be administering and hosting the contest in November. This is an “early notice” so that you can be better prepared. Official announcement will be coming soon.

Celebrations… and $325 giveaway

Tomorrow watch out for a post detailing $325 giveaway. We are giving away 3 books that every food blogger should read (including food styling book), a 6-month subscription for taking your food blog to the next level, a whole series of food photography ebooks and e-training on food photography.

Tomorrow we will share how to enter into this giveaway, how to enter more than once in this giveaway and all other juicy details about this giveaway..

So watch out for tomorrow.. Don’t miss tomorrow’s post on this giveaway..

  • I’m so glad I joined your 30 day workshop Neel. My photography has been better these days, have so much more to learn. Thank you for this amazing journey into better food photography

  • Moya

    Looking forward to all the up-coming podcasts 🙂