Grainy Photos and How to Correct Them – Common Problems with Your Photography: Part 4

Grainy Photo

What do you think about the photo above? Look at the background… grainy isn’t it? How many times have you had grains in your photos? In this post, we continue the series Common Problems with Your Photos and talk about Grainy Photos. This post talks about why photos get grains or noise and what you can do to avoid them. 

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Wrong Colors in Your Photos: Common Problems with Your Photography – Part 3

SpinachThis is part three of the common problems in photography series. In the first part we talked about the problem of overexposed photos and in the second part, we looked at underexposed photograph and their solution. These two problems relate directly to the quantity of light getting in the camera. In this post though, we talk about a different kind of problem.

Underexposed Food Photos – Why You Take Them and How to Avoid Them


This is the second post in tackling the 13 most common problems in food photography. In this post, we talk about the problem of underexposed photos. We will define what is underexposure, how to identify them, why they occur and how to solve the problem before taking the photograph.

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