The Only Thing That Matters to Improve Your Photography

question mark We’ve been having a discussion this question recently,

… what quality is essential to improve you photography?

And we’ve got a lot of different response. Some have said, its practice. Others have said vision. Still others have said basics are essential to improve photography. All of you have given many different answers.

Food Photographer’s Guide to Working With Restaurants (by Jackie Alpers)

Food Photography at RestaurantFood photography and restaurants are inseparable. Each restaurant sooner or later will hire a food photographer. If you are seriously thinking about getting into professional food photography, knowing how to work with restaurants essential.

29 Quick Tips to Improve Your Food Photography


Want to improve your food photography? Read quick. 29 tips to improve your food photography.

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11 Essential Food Photography Tips From Top Food Photographers

Food Photography Tips - Food PhotographersIn last few months, we have heard from some great food photographers, chefs and food stylists. They shared with us how they advanced in food photography and gave us some very practical and useful tips that we all can use when we take food photos. Read on for 11 food photography tips.

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21 (More) Food Photography Tips From Food Blogger Connect #FBC10 – Part 2: Food Styling, Colors and Post Processing

Dessert 6 This is part 2 of the 41 Food Photography Tips. Read the first 20 food photography tips here. Let’s continue and look at the next 21 tips…

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