Day 17: Switch the Background of Your Food Photo

Sushi Photo with 4 Backgrounds A supportive background strengthens a photograph.

In this post, we talk about choosing the right background for your food photo. I also share what I learned from a simple exercise and how you can too.

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Professional Prop Stylist Explains Prop Styling Process for Food Photography Shoots – Interview with Prop Stylist Paula Walters

Prop Styling TipsHow should you choose your props for your next photo shoot? What are the 5 props that you must have if you are on a very tight budget? In this interview professional prop stylist shares her wisdom and knowledge on prop styling.

How a Professional Food Photographer Uses Props in Her Photos and 4 Frugal Ways to Go Prop Shopping – Interview with Ilva Beretta: Part 2

Ilva Beretta and Panna Cotta

Few days back, we published part 1 of food photography interview with Ilva Beretta. We talked about how to choose the props, why we need props and how to collect them. In this interview we talk about 4 ways to build your food props collection. In this post, Ilva also shares her thought process of using props in her food photographs.

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How to Select Props for Mouth-Watering Food Photos – Interview with Ilva Beretta

Ilva Beretta Food Props

Props play a very important role in food photography. Today we have someone who loves collecting food props. From borrowing it from parents to ripping off the door, she shares her expertise with us on collecting, choosing and using props in food photography.

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