9 Critical People You Absolutely Need for an Outstanding Food Photo Shoot

Photography Team

Photo Credit: juhansonin

That’s right… there are 9 people without whom your food photos will never make a great impact. If you do commercial work, you must know them and work with them. If you are a food blogger looking to create an amazing food photo, you absolutely have to learn to work with them.

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Day 17: Switch the Background of Your Food Photo

Sushi Photo with 4 Backgrounds A supportive background strengthens a photograph.

In this post, we talk about choosing the right background for your food photo. I also share what I learned from a simple exercise and how you can too.

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Professional Prop Stylist Explains Prop Styling Process for Food Photography Shoots – Interview with Prop Stylist Paula Walters

Prop Styling TipsHow should you choose your props for your next photo shoot? What are the 5 props that you must have if you are on a very tight budget? In this interview professional prop stylist shares her wisdom and knowledge on prop styling.