Generate Photo Ideas For Your Portfolio

Photo IdeaWhat are you going to shoot tomorrow? What about next week? Are you planning to create you own portfolio? Do you have enough ideas on what to include in the portfolio?

7 Tips to Practice Food Photography Without Cooking Food

Sushi Photos Food photography is an art of photographing food. But what if you don’t have any food to photograph? What if you don’t like to cook or don’t want to cook? Is that what’s stopping you from practicing food photography?

In this post we talk about 7 tips on how to practice food photography even if you don’t have cooked food.

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9 Critical Tips to Create an Outstanding Photography Portfolio

photography portfolio

Few weeks back Phelia asked for tips to build a good portfolio the food photography facebook page. We talked how to build your food photography portfolio and then I asked this question to few top food photographers.

This post presents their advice on building a professional photography portfolio.