What Camera Do You Use?

Food Photography Cameras

People are just fascinated by gear. The cameras and the lenses and the lights and the filters. I am too.

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If you use with Point and Shoot (P&S), in the comments below, tell us what camera do you use and do you like it? For shooting food, what challenges do you have with P&S? What questions do you have?

DSLR Users, why did you buy the camera you use? DSLRs can be complicated. What would you like to learn about your camera? Tell us in the comments below.

Share your questions with us in the comments.

Photo courtesy: by Derek K. Miller

Do You Have a Blog?

Sometime back, you shared your photography blogs with us. It has been few months since then and our readership has been growing rapidly. So thought it would be a good idea to ask all of you this:

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If you have a photography blog, make sure you share it with us on our share your photography blog post.

If you have a food blog, in the comments below tell us about photos on your blog and what can we do to help you? When did you start?

If you do not, do you think you will start one? If not, share your thoughts.

Your turn – Do you have a blog?