5 Lessons I Learned About Food Photography This Weekend

3342810827_7ea4f023d7This last weekend was a productive one. I got a photography book to review. The book is written for all photographers who classify themselves as intermediate or advanced beginner. Regardless of that, there were 5 great lessons that food photographers can apply in their work.

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Jedi Mind Control Tricks That Every Food Photographer Should Know

Yoda "Hmm. Control, control. You must learn control." – Yoda

Her viewers’ mind, The great photographer controls. Control you must, successful you will be. Okay! Enough of Yoda English. All jokes aside, all well-known successful photographers know this – “Jedi Mind Tricks” work. Always.

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One Extremely Important Question That Is Ignored By Aspiring Food Photographers (and Why You Need to Address it Now)

Pasta Raw

What does this photo tell you? Think about it. Think hard. What is this photo communicating? Do you have the answer for this? NO? Stop reading any further and observe the photo. Answer the questions. Got it? Now look at the next photo.

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The Smart Food Photographer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Camera Angle

Silhouette Shooter How do you find the best camera angle for food photography? Do you know what the formula for that looks like? This post is a simple guide for food photographers to find the best angle for taking food photos.

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What Every Aspiring Photographer Absolutely Needs to Know

kid photographer Have you ever cooked? “Cooked what?” you may ask. Well… anything. Absolutely anything. Something as simple as boiling a pasta and putting sauce in it. How do you decide how much sauce to put or how much to boil that pasta? What about how much black pepper to add? Here’s how: you either know what black pepper tastes like or you know what excess of it might do to the dish.

A cook needs to know what ingredients of a recipe might do to its taste even before cooking it. So, does a photographer.

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