How To Start Photo-a-Day Project This Year

calendarIn a previous post I mentioned that I will be starting a photo-a-day project and asked you if you would like to participate. There was some great discussion in the comments section and on the facebook page.

Some of you said that you would like to participate in the challenge, others shared their past experiences and raised good questions.

My First Photo-a-Day Project

When I did my first photo-a-day project, it was challenging. I started with a 30-day trial and decided that I would pursue the full length project. As the time went on and as I tried to take a photo every day, I started seeing photographs everywhere.

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How I Shot Sushi and Seafood Photos

Sushi PhotosWe are now accepting guest posts on food photography, food styling and related topics. If you are interested in writing for LFP, go to guest post page for more information.

This guest post and all the photos are from Martijn Smit, who lives in The Netherlands and is a semi professional food photographer and owner of and In this post, Martijn explains how he shot these “naked sushi” photos and gives background about the thought process behind these wonderful photographs.

How to Photograph Desserts

Dessert PhotoFood photography is challenging. Every dish has its own challenges and so does taking dessert photos. From melting ice creams to layered cake, getting a perfect photo of dessert can be challenging and enlightening. So, how do you photograph a dessert? Here’s how…

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How I Shot Partially Boiled Egg

egg photo

I first saw this photo on our share your food photo page. What a wonderful photo I thought. I loved the use of color in this photograph. In this post photographer Andriy explains about the concept, his gear, set up and other aspects of food photography for the food photo above.

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How to Read A Photograph Like a Book


How do you read a photograph? When a expert photographer looks at the photograph taken by someone else, what do you think goes in her mind? Do you want to know how the experts do it? Do you want to learn how to read a photograph?

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