9 Critical People You Absolutely Need for an Outstanding Food Photo Shoot

Photography Team

Photo Credit: juhansonin

That’s right… there are 9 people without whom your food photos will never make a great impact. If you do commercial work, you must know them and work with them. If you are a food blogger looking to create an amazing food photo, you absolutely have to learn to work with them.

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How to Work With Food Photography and Styling Clients: Interview with Denise Vivaldo

Interview with Denise VivaldoIn this interview a celebrity food stylist teaches not only food styling, but also business of food styling and food photography. This interview will answer how to get clients and capture their expectations and keep them for lifelong.

About 60 mins of rich content from one of the top experts in food styling and photography industry.

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How To Learn Food Styling: Interview with Lisa Golden Schroeder

Food Stylist Lisa Golden Schroeder Food Styling is the most critical element of a stunning food photo and it is also very challenging and tough to learn. In this interview we talk with veteran food stylist and she teaches how you can learn food styling on your own.

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Anatomy of a Food Photography Shoot – Food Photography Interview with John Autry and Charlotte Autry

Udon Soup

This is one of the very special interviews. Our guests explain the anatomy of a food photography shoot in great detail. If you are serious about food photography, you will not want to miss this interview.

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21 (More) Food Photography Tips From Food Blogger Connect #FBC10 – Part 2: Food Styling, Colors and Post Processing

Dessert 6 This is part 2 of the 41 Food Photography Tips. Read the first 20 food photography tips here. Let’s continue and look at the next 21 tips…

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