9 Critical People You Absolutely Need for an Outstanding Food Photo Shoot

Photography Team

Photo Credit: juhansonin

That’s right… there are 9 people without whom your food photos will never make a great impact. If you do commercial work, you must know them and work with them. If you are a food blogger looking to create an amazing food photo, you absolutely have to learn to work with them.

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My Food Photography Process at a Food Photo Shoot

Crackers Triscuits-19The process of taking a food photo of a subject is always evolving. At times I sketch few ideas in advance, at other times the final image appears organically without preparing for it in advance.

Often we get questions from readers for food photography interviews asking “how many photos do you take for one good one” or “how do you plan for your food photos” or something in these lines. In this post, I share experience from my recent photo shoot and specifically the thought process once creative juices start flowing. 

Food Photographer’s Guide to Working With Restaurants (by Jackie Alpers)

Food Photography at RestaurantFood photography and restaurants are inseparable. Each restaurant sooner or later will hire a food photographer. If you are seriously thinking about getting into professional food photography, knowing how to work with restaurants essential.

5 Lessons I Learned About Food Photography This Weekend

3342810827_7ea4f023d7This last weekend was a productive one. I got a photography book to review. The book is written for all photographers who classify themselves as intermediate or advanced beginner. Regardless of that, there were 5 great lessons that food photographers can apply in their work.

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Anatomy of a Food Photography Shoot – Food Photography Interview with John Autry and Charlotte Autry

Udon Soup

This is one of the very special interviews. Our guests explain the anatomy of a food photography shoot in great detail. If you are serious about food photography, you will not want to miss this interview.

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Happy Thanksgiving (and Last Minute Photography Shopping)

Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving to readers from US and to those who just like eating turkey. And happy Black Friday in advance to you shoppers. Continue reading for last minute shopping deals…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Become a Food Photographer

No Food PhotographyFrom almost an year since this blog was started, many of you have been coming here regularly to read about how to become a better food photographer. Some of you probably got inspired after looking at the work of some outstanding food photographers. In this post, I am going to share a secret with you.

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29 Quick Tips to Improve Your Food Photography


Want to improve your food photography? Read quick. 29 tips to improve your food photography.

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Understanding Light for Better Food Photography

Lighting Set upLight is everything in photography. Light drives the f-stops and shutter speed and light tells what filters to use. Understanding light is crucial for photography and yet light is something that very few new photographers think about. Starting this post, we will talk about light and lighting for food photography.

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How I Shot Sushi and Seafood Photos

Sushi PhotosWe are now accepting guest posts on food photography, food styling and related topics. If you are interested in writing for LFP, go to guest post page for more information.

This guest post and all the photos are from Martijn Smit, who lives in The Netherlands and is a semi professional food photographer and owner of www.culishots.com and www.martijn-smit.nl. In this post, Martijn explains how he shot these “naked sushi” photos and gives background about the thought process behind these wonderful photographs.