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Who is This Book For

This book is for those who wish to learn about food photography and have been wanting to study the basics of photography and lighting. If you have been photographing food for couple of years and are satisfied with your photo results, then this book will refresh some of the technical concepts. This book is not for those that plan to just read and improve food photography by reading. Just like you can’t learn how to swim by reading books, you can’t improve food photography by reading books. This book is for those who would pick up this book and experiment and practice. If you are not up for it, this book isn’t for you.

Contents in this Book

The eBook starts by explaining food photography and why it is challenging. We then talk about high level process of photographing food and how to make stunning food photographs. Some of you had mentioned that lighting food is challenging and would like to see that information in this eBook. We have included couple of pages on lighting and how to handle light. The high-level topics are shown in the image above.

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This book is available for download. This version was previously available for only to restricted readers. Now this is book is just a click away. —–

UPDATE on Food Photography eBOOK

We are planning to produce a new Food Photography Book… eBook with more information more details and many more lessons to become a better food photographer.

Food Photography eBook is Coming Back – Download it Soon

When I started writing this Book some 6 months ago, it was an attempt to compile some basic elements of food photography. It quickly grew into an eBook on Food Photography Basics. Here’s what was included in the first edition of this book.

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Free Food Photography eBook Almost Ready to Download

eBook Cover 3D

Ready to download the Food Photography eBook? I know many of you are waiting for this eBook to be released. Some of you have emailed me and suggested some wonderful topics and yet others have inquired about it. Here’s the status of the eBook.

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eBook Cover 3D

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