How to Photograph Desserts

Dessert PhotoFood photography is challenging. Every dish has its own challenges and so does taking dessert photos. From melting ice creams to layered cake, getting a perfect photo of dessert can be challenging and enlightening. So, how do you photograph a dessert? Here’s how…

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8 Ice Cream Sundaes Photos That Will Make You Drool

Ice Cream 08

Drool over these 8 ice cream sundae photos.

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11 Mouth-Watering Dessert Shots To Make You Hungry

Dessert 3 Almond PuddingAlmond Pudding by zetson 

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first”.  – Ernestine Ulmer

There is something fascinating about dessert photographs that can make anybody crave for them. I don’t know anybody who does not like desserts. After spending some time looking at them, I thought these would be good to share with the readers. I am sure these will inspire you to take some great dessert pictures too. Here are 10 (+1) mouth-watering desserts shots that will make you want them now.

Caution: Don’t lick your computer screen.

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