Day 2: Create Depth in Your Food Photos – 31 Days of Food Photography Tips

Ginger Ale by AranGoyoagacopyright Aran Goyoaga

Deep photos engage viewers. These powerful photos draw you in and create an unusual experience by giving your eyes room to explore. In this post, we talk about creating depth in food photographs.

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Jedi Mind Control Tricks That Every Food Photographer Should Know

Yoda "Hmm. Control, control. You must learn control." – Yoda

Her viewers’ mind, The great photographer controls. Control you must, successful you will be. Okay! Enough of Yoda English. All jokes aside, all well-known successful photographers know this – “Jedi Mind Tricks” work. Always.

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41 Awesome Food Photography Tips from Food Bloggers Connect #FBC10 – Part 1: Lighting for Food Photography

Food Photography Tips Two great food photographers, Mowie Kay (read his food photography interview) and Meeta Khurana (read her interview on how to become better food photographer and choosing a background for your food photo) spoke about food photography in Food Blogger Connect. If you were not able to be in the audience, I bet you wanted to. Me too. So here are some great tips from these two outstanding photographers, courtesy @mayssamaha.

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Share Your Food Photograph

We have talked about depth of field previously. We first introduced depth of field and then looked at how to create shallow depth of field. In this post, we invite you to share your food photos with us.

Here’s an example of shallow depth of field in food photograph.

Prune Bread 019Prune Bread using Shallow Depth of Field

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Controlling Shallow Depth of Field in Photography: Practical Guide to Making Your Food Photos 3D

depth of field Watching a 3-D movie is a great experience. I am sure you have seen at least one 3-D movie. If not, do it. It is amazing (specially if you see one of those Disney shows in Magic Kindom. It feels like you are part of the experience. In photography, a photo that pops out is engaging and mesmerizing. It makes you feel that you are just there and part of the photograph. So, how do you do bring third dimension in photography? Read on…

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