Day 13: Compose Your Food Photos with Props (and without Food) [Updated]

Sushi Photos_008 In a photograph, there are shapes and lines and color and other elements of art. The interaction between these elements defines how compelling the image is.

Composing these elements and sculpting that photograph takes time and patience. Let’s look at how to simplify the process by pre-composing.

Day 10: Add Variety in Your Food Photography Portfolio by Breaking the Pattern– 31 Days of Food Photography Tips

formula for a perfect pictureFormula for Perfect Photograph

What is your favorite camera angle? Is it top down? or is it 45 degree? Do you take photos in vertical frame mostly? or do you use horizontals more?

This post is about getting out of a rut.

Day 8: Add These 6 Elements to Your Next Food Photo – 31 Days of Food Photography Tips

Asparagus LinesGreen Lines

As photographers and stylists we create an art from a subject that others overlook. We form our vision and then express it in a way that moves a viewer.

In this post, let’s look at some very basic elements of art and why we need to start looking at our subjects as these elements.

Day 5: Do the Compositional Dance with Your Next Food Photo – 31 Days of Food Photography Tips

Do the Dance BhangraDo the Dance

You may have the best camera and the best lens and the coolest post processing tools, but the art of photography comes down to just one word – composition. In this post, we look at composition and share recommendations on doing the compositional dance.

Why Your Cranberries Aren’t Red Enough and 5 Ways How to Photograph Them

Red Cranberries Are Your Cranberries Red Enough?

Ever had that feeling that those cranberries or strawberries you shot aren’t red enough? May be the apple pie you shot seemed a little – well – yellow. One of our readers sent me a tweet about her experience with food photography sharing sites. In this post we explain why exactly is your food isn’t looking good enough.

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