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We have talked about depth of field previously. We first introduced depth of field and then looked at how to create shallow depth of field. In this post, we invite you to share your food photos with us.

Here’s an example of shallow depth of field in food photograph.

Prune Bread 019Prune Bread using Shallow Depth of Field

Have You Used Depth of Field?

Have you used depth of field in food photography? We would like to learn from you or if you want to get feedback on your food photos, add your photos in the comments.

If you have not taken any food photo that shows use of shallow depth of field, read the introduction to depth of field, if you would like, and take photos controlling shallow depth of field and then share them with us.

How to Share Your Food Photos

In case you missed, you can now embed your images in the comments section. Detailed instruction on embedding images in comments can be found here.

Please add you images to the comments section below.

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  1. Lukas Gebhard says:

    hey here´s mine hope you like it. i know the lighting isn´t perfect but hey I like it![img][/img]

  2. Well, some sample of mine:

  3. Here are some of mine from this past weekend’s Valentine’s Day dinner:

  4. Thats a very pretty pic above…am so waiting for ur tips on shallow depth of field in point and shoot…aint getting it too well here……

  5. Here is one of mine

  6. A lot of beautiful photos posted here…one of mine.

  7. Just added it in the last post, here it is again =) [img][/img]

  8. Mine don’t even come close to the gorgeous shots already posted, but here are my best attempts:


  9. Here’s a couple of mine….

  10. Just Steamed…

  11. Jose Pablo Chavez says:

  12. Im still learning thanks for your effort so others can learn love your site guys!!!!!


  13. I am new to food blogging and am learning a lot browsing around this site.
    There are some wonderful images here.
    This is a very simple Crostini with Fava Bean Puree and Smoked Salmon[img][/img]

  14. Well, here are some shots I made recently…


  15. I am new to blogging and food photography. Just got a Sony Cybershot HX1 recently and started learning about aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how to use the combination to take a nice picture.

  16. For some reason the picture doesn’t show. Let me try again.

  17. Hello,

    Have just started working on food photography and couldn’t be happier to find this site. So much helpful information! Definitely need to work on better backgrounds. Anyway, here are several shots on the topic of DOF.

    I have a lot to learn and am looking forward to reading a ton here.





  18. Whoops,

    The middle one wasn’t supposed to there. Copied the wrong url. Couldn’t figure out how to edit the post so here is the correct picture.

    Sorry about that!


  19. Here is my food photo in a Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne. I have never done food styling before. All foods I’ve taken are in the restaurant I’ve been (which are still only 5-6 photos now). I’m really happy I found this website. I’ll try food styling in my small room and post it here :)

  20. I baked this past thursday, i found a good recipe


  21. Hi, I have a foodblog where I post some of the recipes that I cooked at home along with photos. Please have a look and let me know how you feel and how I can improve.


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