Photo Critique Request – Egg baked in Avocado

Egg baked in Avocado photo

What do you think about this photograph?

Where does your eye first go to in this photograph?

How does your eye move?

About This Photograph

Below are some details about this photograph from Dipali Thakkar


A. I wanted to capture a complete breakfast scene, hence the teacup in the back ground.

B. I wanted to capture the inviting colorfulness of the avocado and the egg.

Equipment Details:

Tripod, Nikon D700, 105mm Macro lens

Technical Details:

ISO -100, f/4, 1/60sec

Give Feedback on

Lighting, Framing, Styling.

My Two Cents

Hi Dipali, as far as capturing the colorfulness of avocado, I think this photo does a great job.

Sometime back we discussed the difference between photo of a subject versus photo about a subject. Read it here.

I think overall the photo is technically quite good. The framing depends on how you answer the question in the link above. You could go with wider frame and capture more of an ambiance. Or you could go even tighter and capture only the avocado. Depends on what you want as an outcome.

So without being too specific about this photo critic, I would challenge you to answer the question above first.

Your Turn

It’s your turn now. What do you think about this photo? How would you improve it? How would you change this photograph? What would you add? What would you remove?

If you were to shoot this, how would you shoot it?

Tell us in the comments below.

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  • I really like how the teacup mimics the tones in the toast! I find some of the garnishing choices distracting though – the lime (i think?) at the base of the frame doesn’t lead in as well as just the toast and the egg-vocado. For me it distracts and busies the plate unnecessarily. And, this could be my monitor, but the color of the lime is slightly yellowed instead of a vibrant green, which yellows the avocado. Instead, if you’re reaching for further styling, maybe a pat of butter on the toast (to reflect the yolk)?
    The toast also looks fabulous. I just want to eat it right now!

  • This looks delicious. If I had taken this photograph I would probably have chosen a slightly brighter plate, possibly green to echo the colour of the avocado, to contrast more strongly with the background. But I do like strong colours, so this is purely a personal preference.

  • I like it how the subjects are placed diagonally. I would use a deeper depth of field so the parsley would be more in focus and I would be able to see the outline of the cup better. I would also add some white linen, perhaps a napkin to bring the freshness of the morning meal.

  • I like the color of the food. I like the sharpness in the avocado and the bread. I like the subtle bokeh. The lighting is good too, natural light?
    My only objection is that the bit in the bottom of the image isn’t visible enough… Is it a slice of lime? I think it’s relevant for the presentation (and for instructional purposes) to see all the elements of the food.
    But all in all, nice presentation and photo. Makes me want to have avocado for breakfast, good thing I actually have some 😉

  • Robert

    Basic idea is good, whole breakfast. Avacado nice as main subject. Eyes do go straight to red parts on avacado. Then naturally move around to toast and teacup. Must admit I did not spot the lime as much as others did. Lighting fine, on main subject.
    In terms of what could be improved…
    Sharpness is spread between most of the avacado and most of the toast. I would prefer all of the avacado and less of the toast. It is unfortunate that the blurred part of the avacado blends in with the plate. So it would be better that the whole of the avacado is sharp to give that separation and enhance the nice depth of field effect that is there.
    So yes, agree with a previous comment maybe a little wider. Some steam off cup and toast. The lime a bit more definite as a fore ground item leading in (as per previous comment). Very clever Neel, this make you realise how difficult food photography is. Hope you find comments constructive as intended.

  • I like the subject and the placement of all the items but would suggest stepping back slightly to get in more of the scene especially at the front. I like the colour pop from the garnish.

  • Hmm, I have to say that my eyes hop in a triangle between the bread, the brown mug in the background and that white blown out thing in the background (sugar pot?) and I actually was sort of “banner blind” at first to the avocado.
    While I like that the mug repeats the brown tones of the bread I think the pic could be improved by cropping the mug a bit which would also get the avocado a bit to the left and out of the middle. I think the reasons why my eyes skipped the avocado at first are that it’s too smack bang in the middle and that it should be more sharp – I would really prefer if the yolk and the parsley on top of it were the area of highest sharpness.
    While you probably can’t improve the sharpness much, simply cropping on the left and top to decrease the size of the brown mug and the white sugar pot would improve this pic a lot for me.
    I do like the light very much, though – it really gets that “morning” feeling across.

  • Mike

    To me, the composition doesn’t invite me in. The toast and avocado form a wall across the image. It would be more inviting if the plate were rotated 90 degrees to form a leading line with toast and avocado to the tea cup. That would invite me in to the picture. Colors, light look good but as others have mentioned, DOF is a bit shallow.

  • Sorry but I don’t like the image. It certainly doesn’t make me want to eat it. Focus isn’t great. The eye naturally goes to the lighter part of the photo, which is to the right of the egg and there isn’t anything there. Colours are good. Not the best arrangement.

  • Sherry

    I think this photo shows the colorfulness of avocado. I find that my eve travels from the red on the avocado to the toast before I go to the subject (avocado?). The lighting helps to tell a story and I’m not sure what you’re telling me. Overall is a good technical photograph.

  • here is my same recipe
    canon 7D 50mm macro

  • I think it’s a nice image, but agree with the other commenters about needing to increase the depth of field – I would like to see all of the garnish and all of the toast in focus for this shot. The highlights on the egg are treated nicely, though maybe could use a white bounce to just tone back the shadows a little bit. Compositionally, I would like to see a bit more interest and setting in the image – maybe a step back a bit to increase the field of view, include some cutlery, a pitcher of OJ, etc. A little more context that would make it more clearly a breakfast dish I think would really add to the visual interest of the image.

  • I am a lay person so my comments such. I like the picture I wish I can have the avocado.
    Your post title is baked egg in avocado so should that not be in the foreground.?

  • Rob Stathem

    I think part of the allure of food photography is *sometimes* seeing only certain parts of the food. Maybe it’s the garnish or the sauce dripping off the chicken? As the photographer, you have complete control (unless you’re being directed to take a shot a certain way). But, I think having every food item in focus every time is boring!!!

    The thing that confuses me is that some of the toast is in focus and so is certain parts of the egg. I think there needs to be some clear distinction on what is supposed to be in focus!

    My eye is drawn to the bright yellow yolk, garnish and red peppers, so maybe put all the focus on that part, and let the toast and everything else fall out of focus.

    I’d love to see more egg and avocado! I’d be curious to see what this would look like if you moved the toast to another plate (and moved it to the background) and added another egg and avocado to the same plate in the foreground.

    For added allure, you could also break the yolk and let the yolk ooze onto the plate or down the side of the avocado.

    Other than that, good job!! Keep it up and constantly invent new lighting techniques to get great looking food shots!

  • I like the dof and light, the tea cup gives a nice homely mood. The food looks very inviting. The lower part of the plate is cut off, the edge of the toast is cut, am not sure if the photographer thought about it while framing the shot, or maybe it was cropped. Would love to see more images from the same shoot.

  • I really like the idea of the shot and I am looking at this from the perspective of a food stylist, not as a photographer. Personally, I feel the framing is way too tight as if it were for a product and not the ambiance of a delicious dish. If the crop is to be that close, the food needs to be flawless. The idea was an egg baked in an avocado — the egg looks like it is a little too done, regardless, the most succulent part of the egg – the yolk – is completely covered by garnish that really doesn’t have anything to do with the dish itself… I don’t get the chopped red pepper. Maybe a few grains of black pepper would be a better choice? Or if the yolk weren’t so cooked, it could be broken and running down the beautiful tilt of the avocado giving a real richness to the dish. I assume you wanted to invoke a Mexican flavor given the cilantro (coriander) and sliced chile (and red pepper). Why the toasted baguette and teacup? These items are a little disparate with Mexican food. Again, this all leads to the ambiance of the photograph. The avocado looks a little dried out which makes it a little unappetizing – a very light brushing of oil would help to make it look creamy and rich. Again, I love the idea of the shot, bu the styling really doesn’t do it any justice at all.