Relaunching DMBLGiT (and DMBLGiT Feb 2015)

DMBLGiT Feb 2015 v2

Finally! its here. DMBLGiT is relaunching this month.

DMBLGiT – short for Does My Blog Look Good in This, is a community run food photography contest that was established in 2005 – 10 years ago. In 2014, LFP “acquired” this food photography contest from Andrew who was running this contest for several years.

This is one of its kind contest that is hosted by different food bloggers every month and is judged by outstanding food photographers who love DMBLGiT.

This February we are bringing DMBLGiT back to life. In February, LFP will be hosting the contest. Yes! There are hosting spots open for next few months.. details below.

Who wins this? How are winning photos selected? Learn these details below.

How to Win This – Judging Criteria

Photographs are reviewed by a panel of judges, who score them in three categories: edibility, aesthetics, and originality. The host then compiles the scores to determine the winners. The specific things the judges will be looking for are as follows:

– Aesthetics: composition, food styling, lighting, focus, etc.
– Edibility: “does the photo make us want to dive in and eat the food?”
– Originality: the photograph that catches our attention and makes us want to say “wow!”, displaying something we might not have seen before.
– Overall Winner: top overall scores in all three categories combined.

There are three overall winners for photographs with the highest point totals in all three categories combined, and one winner in each of the three individual categories.

This how we select the winners and you can participate and improve your food photography.

So.. ready to participate? To participate simply email us your best photograph you took in Dec or Jan using the submission instructions below.

How to Participate – Photo Submission Requirements

  1. Send your photos at an attachment to dmblgit[at]learnfoodphotography[dot]com with Subject “DMBLGiT Feb 2015”
  2. Include this information in your photo submission
    1. Your full name
    2. Your blog name and URL
    3. Title of your photograph
    4. URL to blogpost where submitted photo is posted
    5. Agreement from you agreeing to let us display your photo on host website, and DMBLGiT contest gallery. We won’t use your photo for any other purpose outside DMBLGiT.
  3. Important: File format needs to be jpeg format and longest size should be no longer than 500 pixels. This means for horizontal or landscape format max 500 px width and for vertical or portrait format max 500 px height.
  4. Photo must not have any text.

General DMBLGiT Contest Rules

  1. Only one entry per person. One photograph. No diptychs.
  2. This photo should be taken and posted in the month of Dec 2014 or Jan 2015.
  3. This goes without saying but I will say it anyway – you must have taken this photograph and should have copyrights to this photo.
  4. Entries must be received by Feb 20th at midnight C.S.T (Chicago time) using all requirements described in the photo requirements section.

Hosting Spots Are Open

We are looking for Hosts for March 2015 onwards. If you would like to host this contest, go to the link below for details.

Click Here -> Hosting Details


Ever Had Your Food Photo Stolen?


In last few weeks, we’ve come across an astounding number of food photographers who have had their food photos stolen. Big magazines have done it. Big hotel chains are stealing food photos. Even famous chefs have used food photos without permission and not compensated food photographers.

We at LFP HQ would like to help you share the stories with fellow food photographers. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Win $325 Giveaway of Food Bloggers Bundle

Food Bloggers Giveaway

It’s Here. Our biggest giveaway so far.

We are giving away $325 worth of giveaway. This includes food blogging pro program, Print Books on Food Photography, Food Styling and Writing, 8 eBooks on Food Photography and 10-Week Training on Food Photography.

All this to one person who will enter the giveaway (and play the game smartly 😉 )

Here’s what’s included in more detail: [Read more…]

What’s Cooking at LFP HQ


It’s been about a month since the Free Food Photography Course 30 Days to Better Food Photos ended. It has been more than three years since we first started this food photography course.. and every year, participants have send so much love our way that here at LFP HQ we’ve been overwhelmed.

Several thousand people have “graduated” from this 30 Day course and it’s just been amazing to watch “students” get better.

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How to Use Direction and Quality of Light to Enhance Your Food Photos

Backlit Food Photos

Today we have Taylor Mathis from photographing FOOD series to show us how to use light direction correctly and enhance your food photos. Taylor is a food photographer from Charlotte, NC and will show you the concepts with simple subjects.

Take it away Taylor.

I’m going to show you how lighting direction and lighting quality can have a great impact on the look of your image. To keep the emphasis on the differences in lighting setups, I’m using honey and greek yogurt as my props. [Read more…]

Take Better Food Photos in 30 Days

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