How I Shot Tacos

Photographing Taco Mexican Food Have you thought about photographing tacos?

How would you go about photographing it? Would you photograph them open or closed? Would you go about styling them with or without salsa? What about the background? The Light?

In today’s post, we will learn one photographer’s approach to photographing tacos. Mexican food in general is very unique. Tacos in that can be photographed in many different ways.

We invited Phi to share her photography journey and take us behind the scenes of this Taco photograph. She walks us through, in great detail, about her thought process, decisions she made and styling choices.

You can find at her website PrincessTofu. Phi… take it away.  [Read more...]

How I Shot Black on Black Food

BoccaLupo, Bruce Logue, Greg DuPree

Black subjects on Black backgrounds is a tricky photograph to make. 

Do you see how many elements in the photograph above are black/dark?

Do you see the top right corner?

In this post, Greg Dupree shares with us how he photographed black subject on black background. Read how he controls light and decisions he made for this photograph.

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How I Shot White on White Food Photo

White on white photographs have a unique challenge. Every piece in the photo is white or close to it and yet the subject should be differentiated from props and the background.

Do you see the cheese?

And the flower?

And the spoon?

In this post, Valeria Necchio shares how created this white on white photo. Learn about her food photography process, how she came up with this idea and all the decisions she made to get to this image. [Read more...]

How I Shot Ice Cream in a Can

Ice cream in a can

Photo by Ellen Frémont

Ice cream is a very exciting subject. As exciting it is, it is also challenging. In this post, Ellen Fremont talks about how she went about making decisions for taking this photo.

This post is focused on the initial decisions and shares how she choose mood for the photo and lighting decisions.

Let me introduce you to Ellen her food photography process and how she took this photo. [Read more...]

7 Dramatic Examples of Movement in Food Photos


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Movement in food photography creates amazing drama. These photod are harder to capture and food and action tell a great story.

Take a look at these examples of movement in food photos.

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Food Photography Masterclass with David Loftus

Food Photography Masterclass with David Loftus - Learn Food Photography and Food Styling

In this special post, we share lessons from one of the most famous food photographers in the world – David Loftus. David is a food photographer who works closely with Jamie Oliver.

This post will be specially helpful to someone who is new at food photography. In very simple language, David will teach you some aspects of photography like none other. These short videos are a good starter for anyone wanting to get into food photography and doesn’t know how to start.

Let’s begin this masterclass.

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Photo Critique Request – Strawberry-Vanilla Bean Croissant

Food Photo Feedback

Strawberry-Vanilla Bean Croissant

Have you photographed croissant before? How would you take this photograph and show the ingredients as well?

What would you do differently? One reader requests your feedback, would you help her?

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11 Fresh Thirst-Quenching Drink and Cocktail Photos

Strawberry Blood Orange Rum Punch

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Good drinks photographs are hard. Yes there are same traditional photos that you’ve seen before. We’ve all looked at them a lot. In this post, we present some new and fresh ways to photograph drinks and beverages.

These 11 drink photos are different that those traditional photos. Drench yourself in these photos and tell us if you’ve photographed drinks and what tips you have for other readers.

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How I Shot Drinks & Beverages

Chilli-infused Margaritas

Have you photographed drinks before? Have you tried?

It’s much harder than it looks.

Telling a story with drinks is even more challenging. In today’s post, Alida Ryder of Simply Delicious shares how she shot this margarita photo.

Learn about Alida’s photography process and what gear she uses for food photography. [Read more...]

10 Amazing Ice Cream Scoop Photos for Summer

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Photo

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Summer time and ice cream. In this post, we look at 10 amazing ice cream photos and you can learn from them a lot about composition, food styling and prop styling. [Read more...]