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DMBLGiT becomes part of LFP

We have a great news and we are excited! Here’s the summary…

DMBLGiT is becoming part of LFP. LFP will begin administering and managing this event soon. The format of the contest will remain same to begin with and we will reach out to experienced organizers for their feedback on improving it. Lot more to come.

Now here are the details.

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How To Photograph Rustic Cake

Cake Photograph

Take a look at this photo. What do you feel when you look at this photo?

This photo does not have many props. This simple and minimalist photo still evokes emotions. Don’t you think?

Using rustic props and distraction free background, Kristin has created a photo with amazing impact.

In today’s post, Kristin Rosenau shares with us how she shot this photo, what decisions she took and how all of these elements were selected to tell the story.  [Read more…]

5 Senses of Food Photography, Workshop Videos and Wrap Up

Food Photography Workshop CreativeLive

Did you attend this three day food photography workshop organized by CreativeLive? Diane and Todd shared amazing number of insights in this workshop.

We learned everything from styling boring food like chilli/curry to photographing in restaurant. They shared with us how to use light for better food photos.

In this post, we share some lessons we learned from this workshop. [Read more…]

FREE 3-Day Food Photography Workshop !! Once Again

Food Photography Workshop CreativeLive

Upcoming Food Photography Workshop

Do you want to attend a FREE 3-Day Workshop and learn about telling food stories with your camera? Do you want to learn how to capture food stories on location? In a restaurant? Do you want to learn about business of food photography?

If you said Yes to any one of these, we’ve got a great new for you.

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How I Photographed Chicken


Chicken is pretty dull. Brown and boring. So how would photograph it?

How would you tell your story? Have you thought about it?

In this post Beatrix Horváth-Gallai shares how the above photo of chicken was shot. As you learn from Beatrix, keep this photo in mind and ask questions if they don’t answered in the post below.

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