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Basic Adjustments in Post Processing Post processing is almost as old as photography is. In film days, this was done in a darkroom with acids and fixers in a chemical bath.

Today those chemical baths and acids have been replaced by softwares like Lightroom, Aperture, GIMP and other post processing applications.

Digital Darkroom is essential for becoming an outstanding photographer. While making mouth-watering photograph in the camera is crucial, it is important to understand and work in the digital darkroom.

In this post, we start looking at some very simple adjustments that you should know as a photographer. If you haven’t used the digital darkroom, it can seem like a daunting task. Take small steps and get started.

5 Simple Post Processing Adjustments to Start With

There are five adjustments that you must learn. These adjustments are basic edits that are extremely useful. If you would like to learn each one of them, don’t miss the suggested resources below.

Here are the five simple adjustments:

  1. Cropping – Cropping is one of the most basic adjustment which is used to reduce the dimensions for  a photo.
  2. Adjusting the Image Size – I use this for increasing the size of the image. If I have an image with longest size of 200 pixel and would like to increase that size to 500 pixels,  I use this adjustment regularly.
  3. White Balance Correction – White balance in food photography is just absolutely crucial.
  4. Aligning the Horizontals – While taking a photo, you may not notice a certain line that should have been horizontal isn’t horizontal.
  5. Convert Raw to Jpeg – If you haven’t read or heard, raw file format captures lot of information.

Suggested Resources

  • An absolutely fresh perspective on post processing and tying it to the your vision is well written and articulated in Vision and Voice by David duChemin.
  • This video below gives some great information on how to do the basic adjustments in Lightroom.

Your Assignment

If you are just getting started with post processing, these five adjustments will give you a good start. Grab an image and do these five adjustments.

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, Amazon has this version of Lightroom 3 available at super low price – 77% off. I am absolutely loving Lightroom.

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  1. I have Lightroom installed but can pretty much get around with some features. I’m still learning the controls so I can post-process photos properly. :D

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