Learn How to Correct Color in Your Photos

Color Adjustment We have talked about importance of color to move your readers emotionally and create a temptation for food.

But when the colors are not right, the desire for the food in your photo is lost. This post talks about adjusting and correcting the colors in your photographs.

On day 19, we talked about need for right color in bit more detail, so let’s jump directly to the tip. For this tip, I have another video that will help you understand how to adjust and correct color in

Adjusting/Correcting Color

The video below explains how to adjust 3 important aspects of color – hue, saturation and luminescence. The video uses Lightroom for this tutorial but same can be achieved by using other softwares as well. Quick one-liners about hue, saturation and luminescence.

  • Hue adjustment will change a tone of your colors in your image.
  • Saturation is the intensity of the color and purity of the color.
  • Luminescence is basically an adjustment of brightness of the color.


Suggested Resources

Your Assignment

For today’s assignment, open your post processing tool. Open an image in this tool and adjust its saturation, hue and luminescence. Just play with image and see how adjust each one of this affect the mood of the image and if that changes what you are trying to communicate.

Photo by anikaviro

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  1. Almost ironic, but – I do have lightroom and I have not yet used it. I have Photoshop too and am more used to working with it. But I think LR might, in the long run, be easier to work with. What do you think?

    • Melli, I have found Lightroom to be very user friendly. If you haven’t used it, you should definitely give it a try. I was very excited to find out how simple it is to use Lightroom.

  2. I think i’d still stick to Photoshop.

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