Learn Food Styling in 10 Seconds or Less

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Want to learn food styling in 10 seconds or less? How quicker can you learn about food styling?

Learning Food Styling in Less than 10 Seconds

Below are some food styling videos I came across some time ago. These are some great demonstrations of food styling. The food stylist here have done an outstanding work in presenting and styling the food. Lets look at these videos one by one:

Food Styling Video 1 – Styling on Circular Plate

This food styling video starts with a green sauce artistically spread at about one-third from left and is joined by a slice of beet root (I think). Two items are placed on this slice of beet root. Some type of meat is placed on the plate and a yellow sauce is added to style the plate. Lets see the video below (if you can’t see this in your RSS reader, please visit the website to see the video) –

Food Styling in Circular Plate

Observations and Lessons

Did you observe how all the elements were assembled? Everything was placed away from the center. Nothing is in the center of that circular plate. Watch it again and observe. What else did you observe?

Foot Styling Video 2 – Food Styling Steak

What I love about this video is how simple this one is. It all starts with the brown sauce being spread towards the top of the plate (again not center of the plate) and then zigzag pattern on the bottom right of the screen. A simple leaf is added a bowl is placed over it and steak comes into the frame. This video ends by the food stylist picking and putting some small decoration precisely by tweezers. Here’s the video (again if you can’t see the video please visit the website)

Steak Food Styling on Square Plate

Observations and Lessons

Square plates look classy. Here again, the styling and placement were all away from the center. The zigzag pattern was simple but made the food styling look impressive. Don’t you think? Your turn – what did you observe?

Food Styling Video 3 – Circular Plate Food Styling

Here again we have a circular plate. But this time it is not a flat plate as the first video had. This food presentation video is a demonstration of some outstanding work. It starts with a cookie cutter being used to stack the food and then removing the cookie cutter once the food is stacked. A simple arrangement of white cream-like stuff placed at 60 degree angle to each other. Once that is done, some fried stuff is put again at 60 degree to each other and stacked food in the center is decorated a bit more.

Food Styling on Circular Plate

Observations and Lessons

Come on now, your turn. What did you observe here? What was different from the previous two videos? Did you observe how this food presentation was more centered than the previous two? The composition started from the center of the plate and continued that way. I think this was a very simple composition. What did you think?

Moment of Truth

Is this exercise of analyzing these videos and food styling demonstrations useful? Was this helpful in understanding a bit more about food styling? Please comment below and tell us if this was helpful at all and if we should do more of things like this.

More Food Styling Videos

Below are three more food styling videos. I specially like the first video below. It is so elegant and colorful and just impressive. In fact, I would say the same for all three of them. Even the second video and third one is just awesome to say the least. After you watch these videos, think about what you observed and what are the take away for your food styling skills.


Again, Was This Helpful??

Your feedback is very important and it means a lot to us. Please tell us in the comments below if this was helpful and are we helping you improve in your food styling and food photography skills.

Was this exercise helpful? Can you think of how you can use these skills/styles in your own food preparations? Did you observe how each video is different and how various elements of art are used? Honestly, did you learn something? If your answer is yes then read on.

I Dare You

So now that you have learned and that you have said this was helpful, I dare you to try lessons and observations from these videos and use them in your cooking. Take a simple photograph and share the link in the comments below.

I think this will be fun. Don’t you?

  • very well put together..love it!! 🙂

    • Glad you liked it.

  • Thank you this post has been interesting. The food I am normally thinking about photographing is what I am going to eat, which does not (on a week night) involve many ingredients so I want to start thinking harder about the components to the dishes I photograph. I don’t want to over do the dish by adding extra sauces as that is not my style of cooking but I could make the carrots with some courgette wrapped around it like in the last video, or add a few garnishes to make the dish more appealing. I have to divorce the dish I want to photograph from the one I am eating. I suppose that is the difference if you photographing food for a magazine that may never get eaten or just recording your daily meal plans.

    • Tamara,

      I agree with you that cooking and photographing the food on a normal week day is tough. I usually schedule special time for photographing. Also, the point of food styling is not to overdo the dishes, rather present the food as it will be eaten. The tricks that some food photographers use, is not what is recommended here. I treat food photo shoot like a dinner 🙂 I eat what I shoot – no dirty tricks 🙂

  • claire bulaong

    as i’ve bserved every element has a different angle so as not to make it look stiff. Nice. This is mighty handy for my job as a graphic artist at a food company

    • Thanks Claire.

  • These are amazing.I am learning alot.Your blog has got so much helpful info.

    • Glad you found it helpful.

  • chris ang

    ang mga natutunan ko sa food stylist kung paano iserved ang pagkain ng maayos sa mga kostomer ang mga pagkain, kung paano mahihikayat ang mga tao

  • Sorry, but I can’t see any videos, just boxes with an “x” inside them.
    I am not sure why. Any idea?

  • AL

    Awesome video! gave me the inspiration for my next creation.

  • Pilar

    i dont like this style, i think is to structure an too clean that looks as it was prepare for the shoot. I would use a more rustic style that seem real to a hand made plate. Like what katie eat do! .

  • priyamvada

    i like these videos and your descriptions with them….. but i wanted them to see on normal speed and end result for few sec.