Launching Food Photography Podcast

Cables have been plugged. Mics have been tested. Recorder is now on, noise cancelling headphone on my ears. We are ready to go.

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we have launched Food Photography Podcast on iTunes. You can now listen and download food photography interviews take them with you wherever you go. If you have not done this yet, go to iTunes – follow this link.

Over last couple of weeks we have been recording upcoming episodes with established Food Photographers. This time we are also bringing food bloggers who have made a lot of name in recent years because of their food photography. Most of these new food photographers don’t have formal education in photography. Yet, they have created amazing images.We will learn from them how they got started, what changed their photography and how you can create images as powerful as they have.

We are also interviewing established Food Stylists and Prop Stylists. In coming weeks you will learn from lot of different artists who contribute to making a powerful food photo.

The first episode of this new show features someone who has been on Top Chef as a judge, has photographed for Mc Donalds and Burger King and is an amazing teacher.

So don’t forget to subscribe to this new and FREE food photography podcast on iTunes. I hope you’ve loved our previous interviews, so don’t forget to leave a comment on iTunes and give us a rating. This feedback will go a long way in helping us keep creating this content.

The first episode is coming to you really really soon.

Until next time, go make some great photos.

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  1. while i believe in what you do, i think it is important for you to exercise editorial standards and not to include inferior images on this website, which is after all about good food photography, i have seen articles in the past here with great advise but with really poor images to go along. just my 2c

  2. I look forward to the link! Thanks for doing this!

  3. kristen McIntyre says:

    I also doing blog, and I enjoyed it so much,

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very useful information here Thanks..

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