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An important aspect of food photography is learning to shoot in a studio with artificial light. Mostly, professional work is done in a studio. As a learner you cannot skip the lesson of how to shoot in a studio. Professional equipment used in studio is very expensive and most new food photographers probably will never buy that equipment. However, that shouldn’t stop you from building your studio at home.

In this post, we share inexpensive ways to build your photography studio and give detailed instructions for 20+ different tutorials.

Photography Studio On Budget

Buying lighting equipments for your studio can be very expensive. A complete lighting equipment kit, reflectors, screens and softboxes can cost more than $500 (for a basic equipment). Alternatively, you can build the softbox, create the reflectors and make your own diffusion screens for cheap.

I came across a great resource, an ebook, that has step by step instructions on how to build your studio. If you don’t know, the well known DIY Photography Blog has produced an eBook. It has detailed tutorials on how to build all the equipments that you would need in a studio. This is a great resource for anyone who is wanting to build a studio and does not want to spend lot of money.

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How to Build Lighting Equipment

This resource has contains these tutorials in great detail with images and diagrams to explain the building process:

  1. Building Your First Softbox – Five detailed tutorials on how to make a softbox without spending enormous amount of money.
  2. Making Your Own Reflectors, Diffusers and Flags – Authors share how to create these equipments from everyday material and for cheap.
  3. Creating a Snoot
  4. Gridspot Tutorial
  5. Light Support/Stands – Light stands cost around $35, you can make it for less than $15 using the instructions in this eBook.


Go ahead and see this eBook. Click here to view more details. This book is available for $14.95 till Dec 15th and after that the cost will go up to $19.85

If you have already bought this eBook, share your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Will check out the link.

  2. I just bought them and fast i looked to the, love the step step pictures they have even for a not so handy person it is good :-)

    • Great! Glad to see that you found it helpful. Udi and others have created a great resource for anyone who would like to build their own studio on a budget.

  3. Great blog.My friend is now take the education of the photography and he is good in it so he think to start the studio.I think this site help him in it so i will suggest him about it.

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