How I Shot Ice Cream in a Can

Ice cream in a can

Photo by Ellen Frémont

Ice cream is a very exciting subject. As exciting it is, it is also challenging. In this post, Ellen Fremont talks about how she went about making decisions for taking this photo.

This post is focused on the initial decisions and shares how she choose mood for the photo and lighting decisions.

Let me introduce you to Ellen her food photography process and how she took this photo.

About  the Photographer

Hello, i m Ellen Frémont (from Saveurs Vegetales). I’m fascinated by vegetarian cooking, by nature (In all its forms), naturopathy (traditional holistic medicine) and by photography (I was always fascinated by the beautiful photos of vegetables, plants, animals, landscapes)… They are real passions.

I began to blog approximately 2 years ago, to share my passion for the healthy and organic cooking. At the beginning, I realized my photos with my iPhone ! Hum ! Then I discovered blogs of cooking, and I had to admit that blogs possessing attractive photos were more attractive and much more tempted to test recipes !

So I decided to realize my photos with a real camera ! I was then affected by the virus of the culinary styling and by the greedy photography ! I learnt alone photography due to observing the slightest photographic details of the famous culinary blogs, the cookbooks, and with Pinterest.

Little by little, I learnt to “take care” of my photos and I fast noticed that I had more and more readers !

Her Food Photography Process

For the culinary choice of the style, the accessories, I imagine the scene in my head. I try to imagine myself in which type of plates, bowls… the recipe would be the most attractive. I also try to combine complementary (additional) colors so that the photo is colored and full of pep’s !

I also wonder if the photo must be simple and “pure”, in on the contrary more “draft”, rather bright or rather dark and rustic. All this makes in a few minutes in my head, and I use then all the accessories, the necessary supports.

In fact, I believe that I rely on my instinct. It depends probably on my desires and humors of moment ! Generally, the construction of the “scene” is rather fast ! Nevertheless, she has to please me totally, and that it have the “thing there more” for me ! Or, impossible of shoot !

Food Photography Camera, Lenses and Other Gear

I use a réflex camera, various lenses (I did not settle on only one yet!), as well as one foot photo. The supports which I use are varied: it goes wooden supports, in my baking tray, by way of boards covered with liberty tissues, with place mat, etc…. For the conditions of exposure, I always shoot in natural light in the morning.

First Decisions – Choosing Your Mood

For this series of photo, I wanted of one fresh (cool), refreshing, green, ice-cold atmosphere… An atmosphere which allows to face the heat of the summer! I thus have at once to think of the metal for the support, a cold material, the cold very colors. I wanted to increase more this atmosphere and I thus added of the ice.

For this photo, I chose a macro, tight plan. I really wanted that the readers want to dive into this can to cool, as in a swimming pool ! That is why this plan was imperative at once. The small green tissue came to complete the style “green”, healthy food and détox.

Deciding How to Light

To highlight the “detox” aspect of the dish and the freshness of ingredients, I wanted a rather bright, very Enlightened, clean atmosphere (unlike the dark style). For that purpose, I shoot the scene by using mirrors by way of reflectors, and I shot near a window with an attractive morning(early) light. The metal gives also this  bright and light effect.

Advice for New Food Bloggers and Photographers

It is doubtless, of attractive photos (thought, with a thoughtful culinary style) give a lot of attraction to the recipe. I think that it is really the “secret” (which have no it one!) of very famous blogs.

  • I think that you should not lose courage when we begin this discipline.
  • It is necessary to be patient, to spend (a lot of) time ! Time to reflect about the scene, look and get back full of accessories, to polish up details, Choose the most beautiful products, to shoot a lot…
  • Every detail is important ! You should not hesitate to study, to observe various photographic styles, and to experiment them, to see what attracts us and what suits us most.
  • It’s worth investing in a good camera and a good objective, adapted to our needs and our desires.
  • I think that due to experimenting, it is more the style which is naturally imperative upon the photographer, rather than the photographer who chooses are own style. Even if the photographer tries of any maitriser (light, centring, styling, accessories…), there is always a small part of mystery which will determine the result of the photo.
  • It is funny to see that in spite of 2 photographers have the same materiel and the desire to reproduce the same style, theses 2 photos will be very different, soaked with the personality of the photographer, doubtless !

One Question for You

I hope you learned about how to create a photo of Coconut Ice Cream from this post. In the comments below, in one line (or more), tell us what was the inspiring thing that you learned from the post.

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  1. Love this shot but its spoilt by the finger prints on the front of the can, very distracting

  2. ahah !!! Spoilt ???! Thank you Wendy !

  3. Absolutely beautiful shot ! Love the color palette, light and the composition.

  4. Ice cream in a can. Who could think of it! I felt very inspired to see outside the box approach. For me the fingerprints aren’t distracting. That gives some realistic mood over all.

  5. I actually like the fingerprints. It gives the composition the human touch. Great composition and focuspoint.

  6. Payton Ember says:

    Pretty! I am curious how you made the ice cream in a can though…

  7. I absolutely love this picture, I also love the prints on the can. I am inspired to start creating my own photos.
    Many thanks for sharing this

  8. Vishnu Natarajan says:

    ‘Brilliant’ is just not enough to say. Th frozen berries with greenish stem, dripping over can makes a cutting edge of this shot. Full of inspirations. Thanks.

  9. Great work and really appreciated!

  10. I love the blog post as much as the picture itself. I think it’s great when photographers document their process and share – I think it makes a richer community. Thanks for sharing – great blog!

  11. I just want to say I am just very new to blogs and actually liked this website. Almost certainly I’m planning to bookmark your site . You certainly have great articles. Thanks a lot for revealing your website.

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