Happy Thanksgiving (and Last Minute Photography Shopping)

Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving to readers from US and to those who just like eating turkey. And happy Black Friday in advance to you shoppers. Continue reading for last minute shopping deals…

Thank You Readers

Thank you for helping me produce posts that you find value-added. Thank you for leaving comments and improving the blog. Thank you readers. You make me get out of the bed with a purpose.

Happy Black Friday to You

Along with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, a huge shopping festival after Thanksgiving. People line up outside the stores starting 2am in the morning (even 11 pm previous day in some cases) with family and friends. Some come to this party carrying tents and blankets. Some just stand in line chatting and talking.

Some just stay home and shop online.

This year I am planning to buy a new lighting kit, a lens and some hard drives. Amazon has some great deals online on their Black Friday page.

Deals on Photography Gear and Related Stuff

I spend some time browsing Amazon and found some good deals. Here are some last minutes deals from Amazon.

Deals on Camera and Lenses

See Deals on Cameras and Lenses. Some good deals on point and shoot cameras. Free filters with lenses. Click here to browse the deals.

Cook Books on Sale at Amazon

There are number of cookbooks on sale at Amazon. Below are my three favorites.

Bon Appetit Desserts Click here for ~45% off on this dessert book.

Master chef Cookbook Click here to get this book

Gourmet Cookie Book Get the best cookie recipes from 1941 to 2009

Photography Books on Sale

I have read many books on photography in last few years. Below are my favorite that I would confidently recommend to any friend, including you.

Within the frame My first favorite book on photography. This book is so insightful and full of wisdom that I am a fan of David duChemin. Anyone who wants to understand photography from a vision perspective needs to buy this book. I can go on and on. Highly recommended. This book is inexpensive for the value it provides. Amazon is selling it for cheap. Here’s the Amazon link.

Photographers Eye This is one book that will teach you the science of vision and how human sees things. A must read for photographers who would like to understand science and math behind beauty. Amazon is selling this for less that $20 in sale.

That’s all. Happy shopping.

What are you Buying this Season

Lot of readers have emailed asking for advice on buying. What are you buying? A camera? new lens? something else? Share with us below.

Photo by by alessandro silipo

  • Some come to this party carrying tents and blankets. Some just stand in line chatting and talking.