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food plating tipsIn last few days, I found some wonderful articles on several topics related to food photography and food styling. These articles are very different. There are posts on how to read histogram on your camera and how to improve your photography using that, then there are articles on how to fold dinner napkins. One talks about things you need to know about memory cards and another one writes about buying plates and props for better food photos. In this post, I am sharing what I have found interesting.

Food Photography and Food Styling Resources

Let’s get started…

  1. Dinner Napkins can be a great props for food photography and styling. Found a wonderful guide to folding napkins. The site has 27 different very visual how-to-fold instructions for dinner napkins.
  2. Reading Your Histograms Histograms are scary. Make Use Of explains what are camera histograms and how to use them in a simple language.
  3. Brief Guide To Taking Food Photographs This is one that briefly describes the process of food photography in about 1500 words. This is a brief post but covers almost all important things to keep in mind.
  4. Plates and Props for Food Photography Donna Ruhlman talks about using plates, props and surfaces for food photography. This is a short post with lot of wonderful advice on how to find plates and props and where to buy them from.
  5. Use Depth of Field for Better Food Photos We have talked about depth of field and how to control depth of field. This post at MacWorld talks about using depth of field for taking better pictures.
  6. Memory Cards for Food Photographers This post talks about memory cards. What are the different types of memory cards? What are the good ones? Which one should you use? Get these questions answered in that post.


If you have found a wonderful link that related to food photography, food styling or related topics, leave it in the comment. I would love to publish some selected ones in the next post with credit to you for finding it.

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  1. THe best food photgraphy i might have found are right here at the world LEarn Food Photography :-))) and yeah At Pioneer Women ……Ree rocks and so does Neel…

    super sprinkly sparkly weekend with a fantastic Easter :-)))

  2. Thank you for continuing to enlighten bloggers who struggle with images.

  3. Great tips. I much needed the histogram explanation… that’s what they felt to me, scary.

    • Histograms are confusing and complex… and scary too. But those guys did a good job I think to keep things simple and still explain everything.

  4. Great tips. I am a food photographer and share insights on my blog as well.

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