Food Photography and Food Styling Articles – Learn Food Photography Wrap Up

This just gets exciting everyday. In just last one month, we received more than thousand new readers. Welcome to all the new readers, and for the readers that have been here for a while, thanks for sticking with us. In last five months, we published some food photography and styling articles that received some good response. Here are some of them:

Interviews with Awesome Food Bloggers and Food Photographers

It was a great experience interviewing lot of wonderful food photographers. Below are some interviews that we published on this food photography blog.

Food Styling Tips

Food Styling is one art that is harder to learn. Mainly because, there aren’t many food styling sites and blogs that provide this info. In the absence of it, I started putting together things that I learn as I take food photos and get better at them. Here are some posts on food styling we published in last few months:

Food Photography Tips

What is the best camera angle for shooting food? How can you make your food photos pop out? We answered these questions and more in the last few months.

Connect With Fellow Readers

And the most important aspect of learning an art. Sharing and connecting with like minded people. Go visit these posts and share your photographs and your blogs.

Photo Courtesy: Bogdan Suditu

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  1. An excellent roundup! There’s a ton of information in all of these posts!

  2. This is a great article on food pictures. As a photographer myself, it’s nice to see food photographers being mentioned in a food blog. The strawberries in the bowl gives the article a nice presentation.

  3. Good work!!!

  4. Wow, awesome. I really love seeing photos of food. It makes me drool haha! Anyway, thanks for this. I’m planning to explore the art of photography. I consider food as my first subject.

  5. Thank you so much for the tips. The links you’ve provided here are very cool. Thank you for taking time compiling those links and posting it here for us. your effort is much appreciated. Nice picture. Very mouthwatering c;

  6. Hi
    If the purpose of food photography is to get the viewer to truly desire the food, then kudos to you! I’ve never wanted a strawberry more then right NOW…Seriously!

  7. Kirsten Brown says:

    Actually I tried to start pursuing my food photography interest again a few days after reading this. Well I can say I made some improvements using the tips from the links you provided.


  8. Great information about food photography. Bookmarked.

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