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Welcome to Learn Food Photography blog. Thank you for visiting this food photography blog.  This blog is for food photography enthusiasts who are starting and are new to food photography or are at intermediate level in food photography.

On this page you will find posts about food photography that you will find interesting and value added.

Food Photography Introduction

Photographing food is lot of work and as some say food is a very difficult subject to photograph. It is one of the most demanding niche in photography that is more than photography.

Unlike landscape photography or architectural photography, where all you need, is a good eye and a camera, food photography not only requires a good eye and a decent camera, it demands a beautifully styled food plate.

Food is photographed for a lot of different purposes. It can be photographed for recipe books or for a blog. A cereal bowl can be photographed for putting on a cereal box or a newspaper ad.

In general, purpose of each type of food photography is to make food look tempting and irresistible. Depending on how the photograph will be used, there are more details that should be understood – the lighting requirement, the technical knowledge and related knowledge.

Below are some posts that are popular among readers and will teach you about food photography. This list includes food photography tips, elements of photography in general and what every photographer absolutely needs to know.

Food Photography Posts

  1. What Every Aspiring Photographer Absolutely Needs to Know – something every photographer absolutely needs to know. Without this knowledge, you just cannot grow.
  2. Complete Guide to Mouth-Watering Food Photography – Part 1 – The Complex Art of Food Photography – Food Photography is vast and needs a lot of time. Before you start shooting, it is essential to learn how a food photo is made. This five-part series explains the process of food photography in detail.

Food Styling Tips

Food styling is the most critical part of food photography. Food styling is also most challenging, specially for someone who does not have a lot of experience in styling. Read more to learn how anyone can make food photos beautiful by simple food styling

  1. Learn Food Styling in 10 Seconds or Less – In less than 10 seconds, learn food styling and get inspired.
  2. Absolutely Simple Food Styling Tips – Food styling doesn’t need to be tough, you can do this by using just these simple tips.
  3. 10 Food Styling Tips to Making Any Food Photo Look Appealing – Celebrity food stylist Denise Vivaldo shares her 10 tips to making a mouth-watering food photo.
  4. 9 Professional Food Styling Tips – 9 more food styling tips for great food photos.

Food Photography and Styling Interviews

Over the years, we’ve interviewed many many great food photographers, food stylists and prop stylists. These about-60 min long audio interviews are content rich and add a lot of value to readers. Below are few interviews with some exceptional artists:

Here’s entire list of Food Photography Interviews

Food Photography Community

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  1. So glad to have come across your site and am looking forward to reading more! Thank you for the great information and tips. I am a novice food photographer but am loving the challenge.

  2. This is such an informative blog, most especially for aspiring people in food photography. I appreciate the instructive articles posted here. I enjoy reading them now.

  3. Hello,
    This is my first time visiting this blog and I like what I see.
    I am looking for some introductory help. I work for a i Product Development for a restaurant chain. I am a chef by trade and an amateur photographer at heart. We employ both food stylist and professional photographers for our menu images and POP matrials. When we conduct concept sorts, we take pictures in house of food that we would like to gain consumer feedback on prior to putting all of iur resources into development. I am looking to put together a Photo Booth type of set-up that will give us consistency in lighting, focus and depth of field.
    What equipment as camera and or lighting kits would you reccomend.
    Also are there any photographers portfolios you would reccomend I look at for inspiration?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    • Mukul Desai says:

      Hi! V. Tyler
      professionally I am a freelance photographer, I love to do food photography, if you are from Mumbai, I really in-trusted working with you. I do mot have any experience of food Photography.
      Mukul Desai

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