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DMBLGiT becomes part of LFP

We have a great news and we are excited! Here’s the summary…

DMBLGiT is becoming part of LFP. LFP will begin administering and managing this event soon. The format of the contest will remain same to begin with and we will reach out to experienced organizers for their feedback on improving it. Lot more to come.

Now here are the details.

What is DMBLGiT

If you haven’t heard about DMBLGiT, here’s is a short summary.

DMBLGiT, perhaps the longest running food photography contest, was started by Andrew Barrow of SpittoonExtra in 2005. That’s right. Almost 10 years ago.

The unique thing about DMBLGiT (or Does My Blog Look Good in This) is not just that it was started about 10 years ago, but food blogging community hosted this contest as a whole, with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

For all these years, month after month, almost every month, food bloggers hosted this contest on their own blog. These food bloggers invited renowned judges to select the winners. But one fine month this stopped.

In May of 2013, the contest came to a halt. Lot of energy and lot of love was poured in this contest by thousands of food bloggers who participated in this over the years. It was indeed sad to see DMBLGiT stopping.

Relaunch DMBLGiT

We approached Andrew and proposed that LFP take over the management and administration of DMBLGiT. Andrew graciously agreed to move DMBLGiT to LFP and LFP team was elated.

So let’s welcome DMBLGiT to LFP.

Very soon we will announce the relaunch of DMBLGiT with the details of first contest administered by LFP.

LFP will be managing the event on and asking help from the vibrant LFP community to revive this amazing food photography event. We will support food bloggers who would like to host this event on their blogs with the help needed.

We are very excited to bring DMBLGiT to LFP family and we hope you are excited as we restart this contest.

Will You Give Us One Minute?

Would you like to host this event on your food blog? Leave a comment below. More information on that is coming very soon.

Are you excited about restarting DMBLGiT?

Take a minute to say thank you to Andrew in the comments. Thank you for managing and administrating the event this far. And Thank you for helping LFP restart the food photography contest.

  • Nandita

    WOW neel… this is great news!! I would love to host this event as well take part in it.. I just can’t wait for the event to start 🙂

    • Thank you Nandita. We will share more information very soon.

  • nicole (

    That is GREAT news! Thank you, Andrew and Neel! I look forward to participating and would also be very happy to host this event on my blog.

    • Hi Nicole, appreciate your comment. We will have a “signup sheet” out soon.

  • That´s really a good news! I was wondering what happened to this great contest. I would love to host the DMBLGiT on my blog.

    • Thanks SabrinaRo.

  • Enhorabuena, deseando que empiece!!!

    • Gracias. Compartirá información pronto. (Amor Google Translate)

  • Simi Jois – turmeric n spice

    Thanks Neel and Andrew. Would love to host the event, am so excited about this.

  • Valeria

    Neel, this is great news! I have taken part in the past and would be very happy not only to participate again, but also in hosting – looking forward to seeing the new DMBLGIT edition! 🙂

  • Wow! I am so glad to have DMBLGiT back. Thanks Andrew and Neel. I would love to host and participate in it.

  • Alessandra

    Congratulations for good news and thanks for the many resources that you make available.Ale

  • Jas (

    Wow, I would like to participate in excitement. Would you please elaborate on hosting details? I’m new to DMBLGiT and LFP 🙂

  • Guest

    Wow, I’m defnitely excited to hear this new. Thanks to Andrew for agreeing and Neel LPF for restarting it. Would definitely love to host this event and take part in it.

  • Wow, I’m defnitely excited to hear this news. Thanks to Andrew for agreeing and Neel LPF for restarting it. Would definitely love to host this event and take part in it.

  • Is this still active? When does it start? Sounds awesome!

  • Natascia Colacci

    Yes I ‘m happy, it’s great news!!!Thanks to Andrew and Neel from Italy!!!!