6 Outstanding Food Photos from July – DMBLGiT July 2015 – The Judges.. and the Winners

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This July was an amazing event. This post shows you six most amazing food photos that impressed the 7 judges.

Hosted and Administered by LFP, DMBLGiT July 2015 was special. This month we invited our past hosts to co-host the event together on all of our blogs. Our co-hosts were:

  1. April Host – Deeba
  2. May Host – Deepali
  3. June Host – Nicole

Together we created an event that saw better participation that in past events. We have ways to go to reach the participation levels of DMBLGiT before it’s brief hiatus, but we are very determined to reach above and beyond those years of by December this year.

In addition to co-hosting, this month we invited #1 winners of DMBLGiT from last three months as judges along with three co-host and yours truly. So now, let’s meet the judges –

Let’s Meet the Judges

A total of seven judges were involved in selecting this month’s winners. These seven judges have supported and/or participated in DMBLGiT in past. Let’s meet them one by one

Judge # 1 – Himanshu Taneja

Himanshu (blog – The White Ramekins) has been blogging since 2011 and created outstanding food photos. Himanshu has been Overall #1 Winner in past and works in finance industry! Wow!! (Yes! he is single!).

Judge # 2 – Vania Samperuru

Vania (blog – Adventurelicious) started blogging in June of 2005 – that’s more than 10 years ago. She won her first DMBLGiT contest in 2009 and since then has won more than a dozen DMBLGiT contests. We invited Vania to be the judge and help us select a winner.

Judge # 3 – Madhuri Aggarwal

Madhuri (blog – MADaboutkitchen) was Overall Winner #1 for April 2015 and has been creating fabulous photos on her blog. Food blogger, accessory designer, painter and artist who spends time designing lamps and painting when she is not cooking, you can find more about her on her blog.

Judge # 4 – Deeba Rajpal

Deeba (blog – Passionate About Baking) is a well known recipe developer, food writer and food photographer… and knows where to find props in your city. Trust me when I say  this, she knows it all. She is an outstanding food stylist, has been working with India’s topnotch chefs on food photography projects. In food blogging community she is known for one of the top blogs in India – Passionate About Baking

Judge # 5 – Deepali Jain

Deepali (blog – Lemon in Ginger) – Deepali is a Fashion Technologist by education, professional Buyer for fashion brands (anyone jealous yet?) and food blogger and photographer by passion. Read more on her blog.

Judge #6 – Nicole Branan

Nicole is food photographer and stylist and her work has been published in cookbooks, print and online publications like Real Simple, Oprah and SELF. In just about two years since starting her blog The Spice Train, she has been interviewed by and invited as a guest on more than half a dozen blogs.

And Now… 6 Best Food Photos of July

Edibility Winner

The photograph that made us eat the whole thing was taken by Angela Field

Macaron Photo

Macarons – Edibility Winner – Angela Field

Originality Winner

Creating a photo in a new way? That had to be this photo of fritters and chai by Farrukh Aziz  Ansari

Photographing Fried Food

Fritters – Originality Winner – Farrukh Aziz Ansari

Aesthetics Winner

The photo that was very balanced and harmonious and in general aesthetically pleasing was by Paritha Wannawanit

Photographing Dip and Sauces

Snap Pea and Yogurt Dip – Aesthetics Winner – Paritha Wannawanit

So those were the photographs that made up to individual categories…

Now let’s talk about photographs that did well in all of those categories and were overall winners… the top three photos from July

3 Outstanding Food Photos From July That Made to The Top

Let’s meet DMBLGiT Winners in reverse order.. here’s the countdown

Overall Winner #3

Overall Winner # 3 – Ananas (Pineapple) pie by Dia Nanda Risika

This photograph has a different interpretation of pie, nice and soft light and technically a great photo.

Ananas Pineapple Pie Photo

Ananas (Pineapple) Pie – Overall Winner #3 – Dia Nanda Riskia

Overall Winner # 2

Overall winner #2 was a photo about sauce by Kankana Saxena.

Who says photographing sauce is boring? Not Kankana. Nice composition, specially if this is used with copy on it. Very different photo of the subject “sauce.

Chilli Hot Sauce Photograph

Chilli Hot Sauce – Overall Winner #2 – Kankana Saxena

Overall Winner # 1

Chocolate layer cake photo takes the cake… and the #1 position for DMBLGiT July contest. This photo was made by Lucy Parrisi.

As a photograph of cake, just look at the chocolate dripping from the cake and those dollops! I have been resisting myself to poke the screen with a fork.

Photographing Chocolate Layer Cake

Chocolate Layer Cake – Overall Winner #1 – Lucy Parissi

Congratulations to all the July winners.

Readers, please leave a comment below and congratulate DMBLGiT  July Winners.

Coming Up Next…

We are taking DMBLGiT to the next level… In coming months, we plan to grow DMBLGiT and the community around DMBLGiT contest in new ways.

I am very excited about this. As we take this journey, we will need a lot of support and lot of help. The big advantage we have is that the friends and readers of LFP can get behind anything and make it lot of fun. We’ve seen this in multiple sessions of the 30 day course.

When we get together we make amazing food photos. So here’s how you can help –

We are desperately looking for help to take DMBLGiT to the next level. DMBLGiT being a 100% volunteer food bloggers driven, we are looking for volunteers who can help us with following –

DMBLGiT Graphic Designers

We are looking for more than one Graphic designers who will help us create DMBLGiT winner badges every month and help improve the design elements for DMBLGiT.

DMBLGiT Contest Managers

With new hosts signing up fast, contest managers help the host by coaching them on how to execute a good contest. Contest Managers walk with hosts and support them with hosting the contest.

How to Apply

If you are interested in one of these positions, simply email dmblgit<at>learnfoodphotography<dot>com

Next DMBLGiT Contest

August DMBLGiT has been announced at MyDiverseKitchen by Aparna Balasubramanian. Aparna has been blogging for several years and is hosting DMBLGiT August 2015.

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