DMBLGiT Feb 2015 Winners, Judges and Upcoming Contests

DMBLGiT Feb 2015 v2

So here it is – a much awaited announcements for winners… and before we get there… let me share something.

For all the past hosts who have supported DMBLGiT, thank you. Hosting this event in Feb month made us realize that this is no small feat. This needs good amount of effort from finding the judges to publishing the announcement of winners.

There are a lot of things involved.

With that said, I also would like to thank all the upcoming hosts. All hosting spots are full for the next one year! Can you imagine that? If we leave out March, which was too soon after we had announced the relaunch, we are booked till Feb 2016!

This is just awesome! You can view upcoming hosts by going to DMBLGiT Hosts

Now to the Feb 2015 contest… let’s start with the awesome judges

Meet the Judges

Finding quality judges is certainly the most difficult piece of hosting DMBLGiT. If you are planning to host DMBLGiT on your website, here’s a tip – find judges early. As early as you can.

I want to thank the judges for Feb contest who gave DMBLGiT community few hours of their time to make this contest relaunch a reality. So now, let’s first meet the judges..

Ilva Beretta is a professional food photography who recently retired from food blogging… She is the blogger behind the amazing food blog Lucullian Delights and photographer at award winning Plated Stories.  Ilva is Swedish by  birth and lives in Italy in the picturesque Tuscany. Oh just so you know, she holds a PhD in English Renaissance Garden Poetry. Here’s Ilva’s portfolio.

Our next judge for this contest was Peter Georgakopoulos. Peter is a traveler and the guy behind massively loved Souvlaki for the Soul. For his “labour of love” he does it all. He is photographer, chief recipe tester, food stylist, cook and a traveler.

Andrew Barrow is wine connoisseur and wine writer for the likes of AOL, Gaurdian and Via Michelin. In the food blogging world he is best known for administering DMBLGiT for past several years. You can find his wine notes and stories of  vineyard at his blog Spittoon.

So let’s begin the announcements…

DMBLGiT Feb 2015 Winners

Each DMBLGiT event has 6 total winners.  One in each of these categories Edibility, Originality and Aesthetics – so that’s three. And three positions for overall winners.

For the Feb event, we received many outstanding photographs. We changed the judging process and made all entries anonymous, so all judges (and the host) got images that were serial numbered.

Later, once the winners were selected, we at LFP matched the serial numbers with the participant’s name.

Here are the winners from Feb 2015 –

Edibility Category Winner


Sabrina Rossi of Inside My Bag

Aesthetics Category Winner


Nicole Branan of The Spice Train

Originality Category Winner


Katia White of Tea or a Story

Overall Winner – Third Place

Paneer Tikka

Preeti Tamilarasan of Indian Kitchen

Overall Winner – Second Place


Himanshu Taneja of The White Ramekins

Overall Winner – First Place


Vania Samperuru of Adventurelicious 

Don’t forget to congratulate the winners by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Also, participate in April contest at Passionate About Baking with Deeba Rajpal. Official announcement should come soon.

Do This Next

Visit blogs of Feb 2015 winners. Take a look at their photos and then pick your camera and shoot a few photos.

Good luck.

  • deeba

    Bravo. Congrats to all the winners. What a stunning set of images, and a fantastic panel of judges. So glad DMBLGiT is back. Well done Neel.

  • nicole (

    How exciting – congratulations all around! Thank you so much, Neel and team and Ilva, Peter and Andrew for making the event happen! 🙂

  • turmericnspice

    Congratulations to all the winners, beautiful images. Great line up of judges.

  • Thank you! I’m so flattered 🙂

    Congratulations to all winners! Many thanks to Neel and fantastic judges.

  • Upasana

    Congratulations to the winner.. lovely blogs..

  • Aparna

    Good to see DMBLGiT back in full force. 🙂
    And congratulations to the winners.

  • Preeti Tamilarasan

    Thank you and Congratulations to all the winners 🙂

  • Himanshu Taneja

    Congratulations to all the winners. This is really exciting. Thanks 🙂

  • Soma Rathore

    Congratulations to all the winners. Stunning photographs.So glad to see DMBLGIT back!!

  • Hi Guys! 😀
    My blog was closed and I couldn’t participate at DMBLGIT, but I love this competition!
    Very good job and congrats to all the winners! 😀
    I’m waiting for next month!!!

  • Congratulations to all the winners! So thrilled DMBLGIT is back!

  • Hina

    Very interesting approach towards appreciating food photography. Kindly suggest how can one participate in DMBLGiT – Thanks