How I Started Creating More Food Photos (and How You Can Do it To) – Part 1

Why is it?

Why is it that the food photographers you admire can consistently create outstanding images and you cannot?

Why is it that your favorite food blogger can write a great recipe, share a story and still manage to create amazing photos, post after post?

Why can’t you?

What is it that stops you from taking consistently amazing food photos?

You are convinced that you want to take better food photos. You know what it takes to create an image.

So why then can you not even consistently create photos? What stops you from shooting more food photos?

I know what it is. Because I have felt the same thing.

Something that pulls me down.

Every time I’ve wanted to create a personal project for growing my photography, he pops his head.

Even when I am at the shoot, trying to make one more photograph… he quietly tells me, “It is good enough Neel.”

One afternoon I was shooting for my personal project. It was something G was making that afternoon.

Shankarpale… it’s a sweet fried delight.

But it’s brown and boring. The dough is boring too.

She was making and asked me, are you planning to shoot this. Before I could say anything he said “No, the light isn’t too great today. Maybe next time”.

Good thing she didn’t hear what he said.

But I did.

I pulled him aside and said, “Do not speak for me, buddy!” [Read more…]

Announcing DMBLGiT July 2015 (and something new!)

DMBLGiT Jul 2015 Template v2

We re-launched DMBLGiT in February 2015… just about five months ago.

Since then we’ve got a lot of support! Amazing energy from the food bloggers community… so much so that the hosting spots for the next 12 months were filled in matter of weeks. At LFP we are committed to bring DMBLGiT back to it full life and take it beyond and then some…

At least twice a year, LFP will host DMBLGiT contest to put all our energy in this contest. This is one of those months. And this month, we are again trying something new. Here’s what that is… [Read more…]

Announcing… 30 Days to Better Food Photos – 2014 Edition

30 Days to Better Food Photos logo

We are ready… with the 2014 edition of 30 Days to Better Food Photos.

Are you up for the challenge?

The 2014 Edition of 30 Days to Better Food Photos

Starting Monday August 4th, for next 30 days, participants will receive one lesson everyday and an assignment.

This course will teach you:

  • How to Compose a Food Photo To Attract Audience Attention even if you know nothing about food photography
  • How to Create Your Food Story in Your Photograph from scratch
  • How to Use Props to Achieve What you Want even if you don’t know what props to use
  • How to Prepare for a Food Photo Shoot even if you never been on a professional photo shoots
  • How to Continue Learning even if you’ve been taking food photos for long time
  • How to start on the food styling journey step by step

These lessons will be short. The assignments will be detailed. The goal of this course is to DO – Take action and DO the work.

The intent is not to overload you with information but drive you to take action.

These lessons will be low on words and not prescriptive. I don’t want you take a photo as I like to take. I want you to develop your own style. I won’t tell you to frame a photo a certain way. I’ll show you and tell you what’s possible. Use that and make your OWN photo.

Are you ready to this? Are you up for the challenge?

How To Participate

This edition is different from all previous editions in many ways.

First, 2014 edition will be an email-only course. Unlike previous editions 30DBFP will be available only for those who really want it. The lessons will not be posted on LFP like we’ve done before.

Click below to sign up. You will be taken to signup page.

Click to Start

The enrollment is open for only 5 days. Course closes on Aug 1st. Once it ends you won’t be able to join this challenge.

Once again: Click below to start the course.

Click to Start

Can’t Participate Everyday?

I strongly recommend that you participate in this course the way we have designed it. If improving food photography is your priority, stop here and participate in the 30 Day challenge the way we have designed it.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Stop watching Game of Thrones or those horrible Saas-Bahu serials if they are popular where you live or whatever is on the TV these days
  2. Stay an hour late or wake up an hour early. Find one hour by NOT doing things that are not your priority

Click to Start

Now, if you just cannot – meaning if you travel a lot or have a baby or something you just can’t avoid – in that case and only in that case do this:

Step 1: Register for the Course

Step 2: Start receiving emails

Step 3: Do the Assignments at your own pace

Click to Start

Special Note: IF You’ve Completed 2013 Challenge

If you’ve completed the 2013 Challenge, you’ll find the difference in the way this program is structured. The lessons are very similar to 2013 edition. I received a lot of requests for private photo critiques from many of you and we’ve added that as an option this year. There were also lot of follow up questions from many of you. That has been added this year for those interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a DSLR can I participate?

Yes, the lessons are designed in a way that both DSLR camera owners and non-DSLR camera can get the most from this course.

I can’t participate everyday, can I join?

Yes, read “Can’t Participate Everyday” section above.

Will you post lessons on this blog?

Lessons will be available only by signing up for email. We will be sending these lessons to those who have signed up for the course. Blog readers will not get emails from me unless they’ve registered for this course. To register Click to Start



Thank You and Thank You Food Bloggers

Thank You and Thank you Food Bloggers

About two years ago all I had, was a camera and some food photos that I had taken at home and in my encounters with restaurants. LFP started with a hope to share what I was learning about food photography and our passion for the art…

The other day I was looking back and so much has changed since we first wrote the about page for LFP. Both of our jobs have dramatically changed and LFP has grown… a lot. The biggest agents that caused this growth is you. So to you and all readers we just want to say…

[Read more…]

Michael Ray from is coming to Learn Food Photography Blog

Michael Ray

If you have been wanting to learn food photography, I am sure you have found yourself reading in depth articles on food photography on Food Portfolio Blog has plethora of articles on food photography.

The person behind this website is Michael Ray. Michael is a nationally acclaimed, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania based, food photographer, noted for his beautiful lighting techniques. He has been teaching food photography through his website for many years.

Interview with Michael Ray is coming soon… What would you ask?

I’ll be interviewing Michael on April 6th.

What food photography questions would you ask him? Submit your questions for Michael using the form below.