5 Senses of Food Photography, Workshop Videos and Wrap Up

Food Photography Workshop CreativeLive

Did you attend this three day food photography workshop organized by CreativeLive? Diane and Todd shared amazing number of insights in this workshop.

We learned everything from styling boring food like chilli/curry to photographing in restaurant. They shared with us how to use light for better food photos.

In this post, we share some lessons we learned from this workshop. [Read more…]

Food Photography Masterclass with David Loftus

Food Photography Masterclass with David Loftus - Learn Food Photography and Food Styling

In this special post, we share lessons from one of the most famous food photographers in the world – David Loftus. David is a food photographer who works closely with Jamie Oliver.

This post will be specially helpful to someone who is new at food photography. In very simple language, David will teach you some aspects of photography like none other. These short videos are a good starter for anyone wanting to get into food photography and doesn’t know how to start.

Let’s begin this masterclass.

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Food Photography Tips from Executive Food Editor for Saveur Magazine

Saveur’s new book. Details here.

Todd Coleman , Executive Food Editor for Saveur, recently shared some food photography tips from Saveur’s upcoming Saveur book. He says, [Read more…]

The Only Thing That Matters to Improve Your Photography

question mark We’ve been having a discussion this question recently,

… what quality is essential to improve you photography?

And we’ve got a lot of different response. Some have said, its practice. Others have said vision. Still others have said basics are essential to improve photography. All of you have given many different answers.

29 Quick Tips to Improve Your Food Photography


Want to improve your food photography? Read quick. 29 tips to improve your food photography.

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11 Essential Food Photography Tips From Top Food Photographers

Food Photography Tips - Food PhotographersIn last few months, we have heard from some great food photographers, chefs and food stylists. They shared with us how they advanced in food photography and gave us some very practical and useful tips that we all can use when we take food photos. Read on for 11 food photography tips.

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21 (More) Food Photography Tips From Food Blogger Connect #FBC10 – Part 2: Food Styling, Colors and Post Processing

Dessert 6 This is part 2 of the 41 Food Photography Tips. Read the first 20 food photography tips here. Let’s continue and look at the next 21 tips…

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41 Awesome Food Photography Tips from Food Bloggers Connect #FBC10 – Part 1: Lighting for Food Photography

Food Photography Tips Two great food photographers, Mowie Kay (read his food photography interview) and Meeta Khurana (read her interview on how to become better food photographer and choosing a background for your food photo) spoke about food photography in Food Blogger Connect. If you were not able to be in the audience, I bet you wanted to. Me too. So here are some great tips from these two outstanding photographers, courtesy @mayssamaha.

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Food Plating and Food Styling for Your Camera

Food Styling TipsFood plating is a critical part of food photography. A great photographer may take great landscapes and jaw dropping wildlife photographs, but if the food is not plated well, there are very limited things a photographer can do. Understanding what makes a dish look appealing is not only crucial for a photographer but, in my opinion, mandatory.

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5 Important Lessons Learnt from Food Photography Workshop with Penny De Los Santos

48909894Workshops are great way to learn, in fact in some workshop you always learn more and retain better with hands on training. Penny De Los Santos conducted a food photography workshop in Seattle on December 11th 2009. In this post I am sharing 4 important lessons that I learnt from this workshop.

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