Something much better than Photography Gear (Win a FREE Book!!)


Photography gear is fascinating.

Most people day dream about having a better camera. Or a better lens. Or that fancy filter. No! not you? that awesome sleek tripod perhaps? ok wait… it is perhaps a camera bag?

But I have to tell you that there is something out there that is much better.

It does not scratch or wear with time. It just gets better.

The longer you have it, the better it becomes.

Today, we are giving you some of that stuff. [Read more…]

Debate: Banning Photographing Food in Restaurants

Dinner and Photograph?

Dinner and Photograph?

It’s everywhere. You’ve seen it on twitter. You’ve seen it on facebook. You’ve also seen this in newspapers.

Some of you don’t take food photos while you are out for a meal. There are some of you who review restaurants and take photos of what you eat. [Read more…]

Reader Question: The Only Quality Required to Improve Your Photography

Question Mark

Few days back, we started a discussion on food photography page and asked:

“What is the only thing/quality required to improve your photography?

What do you think? In your opinion, what is one quality that is absolutely needed for improving your photography?

Take a look at some of the answers by going to this post.

Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Group Project: Background Matters

Crackers Triscuits-19-2Recently I posted this photo and shared my food photography process. And Robert Orsa replicated it. His idea was to use same composition, same camera angle, same styling and just change one element – background.

That made me think. What if there was a group project where everyone could participate. Yes! You. The bulb went on.

How Many Goals Did You Achieve This Year?

Goals This year is almost over. I started reviewing how this year went for me and if I achieved all my goals this year. This year, one of my primary goal was to grow the Food Photography Blog and attain a certain level of readership. We are nearing 10,000 monthly readers on this blog. On the other hand, I was a little short on number of outstanding photos that I should have taken this year.

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