How to Start Commercial Food Photography – Interview with Teri Campbell

Commercial Food Photographer

Interview with Commercial Food Photographer

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kroger, Pringles, Kellog’s, Wendy’s and many many more… Teri has made food photographs commercially for dozens of companies. Today in this interview, Teri teaches us about commercial food photography.

About Teri Campbell

From Teri’s website,

After attending the Ohio Institute of Photography, Teri began his career as a photographer for P&G’s in-house creative group. In 1988 he opened Teri Studios, a commercial photography studio specializing in food. His passion for food, combined with his artistic and business sensibilities has uniquely positioned him to create appetite-appealing, proprietary imagery for consumer packaged goods companies and restaurants throughout the country. Clients include Oscar Mayer, Bob Evans Restaurants, Wendy’s, SuperValu, Kellogg’s, Hershey’s, and KFC among others.

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Food Photography Lessons Discussed

  1. Commercial food photography process
  2. Importance of team in photography
  3. Food bloggers and different roles
  4. Transition from film to digital
  5. Telling a story with your food photos

Deconstructing Food Photos

Cheese Photo

Photographing Cheese and Chocolates

Drink photography

Photographing Drink

Photography Chicken Wings

Photography Chicken Wings

You can find more of Teri’s work here. Check out Teri’s client list.

Links Discussed in the Interview

  1. Food Photography & Lighting: A Commercial Photographer’s Guide to Creating Irresistible Image

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