How To Start Photo-a-Day Project This Year

calendarIn a previous post I mentioned that I will be starting a photo-a-day project and asked you if you would like to participate. There was some great discussion in the comments section and on the facebook page.

Some of you said that you would like to participate in the challenge, others shared their past experiences and raised good questions.

My First Photo-a-Day Project

When I did my first photo-a-day project, it was challenging. I started with a 30-day trial and decided that I would pursue the full length project. As the time went on and as I tried to take a photo every day, I started seeing photographs everywhere.

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The Only Thing That Matters to Improve Your Photography

question mark We’ve been having a discussion this question recently,

… what quality is essential to improve you photography?

And we’ve got a lot of different response. Some have said, its practice. Others have said vision. Still others have said basics are essential to improve photography. All of you have given many different answers.

FREE eBook by Yoda of Photography

Craft and VisionIf you’ve been around you know that I am a big fan of photographer David duChemin. He is the best selling author of Within the Frame, and several other books.

He is giving away a FREE eBook here. There is no email signup or any opt-in either. The book is titled Craft & Vision and has absolutely amazing information on photography.

Here’s what the content looks like…

How Many Goals Did You Achieve This Year?

Goals This year is almost over. I started reviewing how this year went for me and if I achieved all my goals this year. This year, one of my primary goal was to grow the Food Photography Blog and attain a certain level of readership. We are nearing 10,000 monthly readers on this blog. On the other hand, I was a little short on number of outstanding photos that I should have taken this year.

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Grainy Photos and How to Correct Them – Common Problems with Your Photography: Part 4

Grainy Photo

What do you think about the photo above? Look at the background… grainy isn’t it? How many times have you had grains in your photos? In this post, we continue the series Common Problems with Your Photos and talk about Grainy Photos. This post talks about why photos get grains or noise and what you can do to avoid them. 

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