Fresh of the Oven: Top 10 Food Photography Deals From Around the Web

Photography Black Friday Deals

Ohh!! it’s here. Once again.

The Sale season is here. And this time around it’s everything. Food Photography courses. Food Photography Gear. Food Photography Gadgets. Photo Prints and Everything Else.

Some have already started! Some start soon! Don’t Miss Them.

Black Friday Sale on Amazon:

This year Amazon started their Black Friday Sale on Monday of this Week!! That’s three days too early. Photo gear is on sale and is selling out fast. We found some items that are definitely priced very low. Take a look at our favorite sale items:

  1. Camera Deals – Most deals here are at least 50% Off. Some are as much as 70% off. Check out the entire list here.
  2. SD Cards are Dirt Cheap – Looking for SD Cards. As low as $6 for 16GB SanDisk! This is good time to upgrade.
  3. Tripods are 50% off – Not all but good number of them are. Manfrotto is on sale as well.
  4. Ohh!! and the Drones – Just in case you plan to shoot the holiday dinner from 15 feet above the ground. Check the videos on this page.

Food Photography Courses on Sale:

Most places have sale starting Nov 25th all the way to Monday Nov 30th. Check out some of these deals that have already started:

  1. CreativeLive Photography Courses: Online Photography Courses At least 25% off starting Nov 25th on all courses. Some amazing photography courses include:
    1. Fundamentals of Photography
    2. Story on a Plate: Food Photography & Styling
    3. Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani
    4. Photoshop 101 for New Photographers
  2. Craftsy Courses: Everything is $19 on Craftsy for Black Friday. Here are some good courses for food photographers –
    1. Food Photography Course
    2. Lightroom Lifesavers

Prints, CookBooks and More

  1. Blurb is a leading self-publishing platform that let’s you design your cook books and photo books. Some of the things you can do with Blurb – make coffee table books, make a photo book out of your photos. Look at these cook books for some inspiration. They are having a 40% sale going on that is supposed to end soon.
  2. Easy Canvas Prints let’s you do something cool with your food photos. Ever thought of printing your photos on canvas? Ever tried doing that? 70 to 80% off is the sale they have going on.

We recommend only those products and courses and services that we believe will add value to our audience. We may get small commission when you buy some of these products. Thank you for supporting LFP.

How Would You Spend $1000 to Improve Your Photography?

Buying Food Photography Camera

A student asked this question at our discussion,

I have a budget of $1000, how should I spend it to improve my photography?

This student already has a camera with kit lens and a 55-300 lens.

It’s a good question. It’s about priorities and understanding what area of your photography would you like to grow?

The answer to this question is different for everyone and only you can find out the answer.

So, if you had $1000 to spend, how would you spend it?

Would you buy a camera? Or a lens? Or a tripod? Or a software? Or Books?

Here’s what I would do

[Read more…]

My Food Photography Studio and Gear: A Food Photographer’s Diary #4

This is a guest post series by photographer Evi Abeler. If you would like to write for learn food photography, visit guest post page to learn more.

This is fourth post in the food photographer’s diary series. In the first post, Evi shared how she got started and how you can start in food photography. In second post, we learned about food photography portfolio event. Third post was about first photography shoot for restaurant.

In this post, Evi invites us in her studio and shows us her photography gear. [Read more…]

Top 6 Popular Lenses for Food Photographers

Food Photography LensFew weeks back we asked you about your favorite lens and many of you responded. You left comment on the post, some of you sent emails and others commented on facebook page. Thank you for your comments and replies.

Based on that information here are some of the lenses that are popular amongst our readers.

What is Your Favorite Lens for Photography

Nikon 28-300 mm

90% of LFP readers use DSLR. With majority of readers using DSLR, it will be interesting to find what are some of the popular lenses amongst food photography lovers.

So, lets get to the question. What is your favorite lens for photography? If you had to pick just one lens what would it be? Is it your kit lens? Or is it the 50mm? May be 70-300m zoom lens? Tell us in the comments below.

My favorite lens is a Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR Any guesses how much it costs? Find out here. This is a versatile lens and the range fits well for most kind of photography.

What lens do you love? Share your favorite lens in the comments below. Don’t forget to tell us aperture an focal length details.