How to Build Your Own Photography Studio

Photography Lighting Equipment

An important aspect of food photography is learning to shoot in a studio with artificial light. Mostly, professional work is done in a studio. As a learner you cannot skip the lesson of how to shoot in a studio. Professional equipment used in studio is very expensive and most new food photographers probably will never buy that equipment. However, that shouldn’t stop you from building your studio at home.

In this post, we share inexpensive ways to build your photography studio and give detailed instructions for 20+ different tutorials.

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Lighting Tips For Food Photography Part 2 – Different Types of Lighting Equipment for Photographing Food

Shoot Through UmbrellaOn our newly launched food photography facebook page, our readers shared their challenges with food photography. Lighting is at the top of the list. Learning to use artificial lighting is absolutely essential for becoming a successful food photographer. Understanding how to use the softbox or where to place the umbrella for good lighting will make your food photos better. In this post, we continue our series on lighting for food photography.

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Understanding Light for Better Food Photography

Lighting Set upLight is everything in photography. Light drives the f-stops and shutter speed and light tells what filters to use. Understanding light is crucial for photography and yet light is something that very few new photographers think about. Starting this post, we will talk about light and lighting for food photography.

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Lighting for Food Photography and Other Tips – Interview with Liz Vidyarthi

Liz Vidyarthi Light is the most important element of photography. Without light there is no photography. Understanding light and how to use it is important not just for food photographer, but any type of photographer. In this interview, we talk with Liz Vidyarthi about lighting, what she uses for lighting for night photo shoots and her tips on taking food pictures.

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41 Awesome Food Photography Tips from Food Bloggers Connect #FBC10 – Part 1: Lighting for Food Photography

Food Photography Tips Two great food photographers, Mowie Kay (read his food photography interview) and Meeta Khurana (read her interview on how to become better food photographer and choosing a background for your food photo) spoke about food photography in Food Blogger Connect. If you were not able to be in the audience, I bet you wanted to. Me too. So here are some great tips from these two outstanding photographers, courtesy @mayssamaha.

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