Food Photography for Food Bloggers: Interview with Kulsum Kunwa

Interview with Kulsum Kunwa

Kulsum Kunwa is a food blogger from Journey Kitchen. She started her blog recently and since then, improved her food photography dramatically.

In this episode Kulsum shares her experience and how she improved her photography. We talk about lot of different topics and also disintegrate her photos and share  behind the scene decisions for taking these photos.

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Prop Styling for Food Photographers – Interview with Amy Paliwoda

Prop Styling for Food Photographers

Prop Styling is an important aspect of food photography. Color of background and the type of plate you use in a food photo, helps you complete the story you want to tell in the photograph.

In today’s podcast, we learn from Amy Paliwoda about Prop Styling for food photography. [Read more...]

Interview with Jenn Oliver

This is our first interview of new food photographers who have created lot of great photographs in the short time they have been photographing. We start this series with Jenn Oliver from

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How to Improve Your Food Photos – Interview with Christina Peters

In today’s episode, we talk to a photographer who has worked with McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s and many other well known food companies. She has been a judge on Top Chef too. She loves to teach and has been photographing since she was 8 years old.

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Season 2 is coming soon…

We did our first food photography interview back in 2010, since then we interviewed more than 25 food photography and styling artists.

And starting this month, we are bringing another season of food photography and styling interviews. This season, in addition to learning from established artists, [Read more...]

25 Food Photography Lessons You May Have Missed

interviewsIn last several months, we have interviewed many many food photography and food styling experts. Each of these 60 min interviews are full with lot of great lessons from these experts. With about 25 interviews of about 60 min each, we have 25 hours worth of food photography tutorials for free… right here on this blog. Here are some details…

How to Work With Food Photography and Styling Clients: Interview with Denise Vivaldo

Interview with Denise VivaldoIn this interview a celebrity food stylist teaches not only food styling, but also business of food styling and food photography. This interview will answer how to get clients and capture their expectations and keep them for lifelong.

About 60 mins of rich content from one of the top experts in food styling and photography industry.

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How to Create Better Food Photos and Write Better in 3 Days – With Plate to Page Team

Plate to Page Instructors Plate to Page Team – From Left: Jeanne, Ilva, Jamie and Meeta

Food Photography and writing are both essential for a great food blog. In this interview, Plate to Page team shares their knowledge on how to take better food photos and how to write better.

They also give away an exercise that you can use to improve your food blogging and food photography skills. Don’t miss this interview.

How To Learn Food Styling: Interview with Lisa Golden Schroeder

Food Stylist Lisa Golden Schroeder Food Styling is the most critical element of a stunning food photo and it is also very challenging and tough to learn. In this interview we talk with veteran food stylist and she teaches how you can learn food styling on your own.

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How To Get Started with Your Food Photography Business: Interview with Ron Goldman

Ron Goldman Interview

The thought of starting a food photography business brings lot of questions. How will I get clients? How should I charge them? How should I keep clients coming back? These questions can make or break your career as a food photographer. In this interview, Ron Goldman shares his experience as he started photography and got his first client.

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