Food Photography and Food Styling Articles – Learn Food Photography Wrap Up

This just gets exciting everyday. In just last one month, we received more than thousand new readers. Welcome to all the new readers, and for the readers that have been here for a while, thanks for sticking with us. In last five months, we published some food photography and styling articles that received some good response. Here are some of them:

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Food Plating and Food Styling for Your Camera

Food Styling TipsFood plating is a critical part of food photography. A great photographer may take great landscapes and jaw dropping wildlife photographs, but if the food is not plated well, there are very limited things a photographer can do. Understanding what makes a dish look appealing is not only crucial for a photographer but, in my opinion, mandatory.

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Food Photography and Styling Tips and Links

food plating tipsIn last few days, I found some wonderful articles on several topics related to food photography and food styling. These articles are very different. There are posts on how to read histogram on your camera and how to improve your photography using that, then there are articles on how to fold dinner napkins. One talks about things you need to know about memory cards and another one writes about buying plates and props for better food photos. In this post, I am sharing what I have found interesting.

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Absolutely Simple Food Styling That Anyone Can Do

Food Photo-001-Low - TextFood styling is the most critical part of food photography. Food styling is also most challenging, specially for someone who does not have a lot of experience in styling. Read more to learn how anyone can make food photos beautiful by simple food styling.

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9 Professional Food Styling Tips

Fish Food Styling

We are having quite a blast on First, readers listed their wonderful food photo blogs or Flickr accounts (if you haven’t yet, tell us where you post your food photographs). And then, we are having some intelligent discussion on our first food photo critique and tips for great food photos.

One of our readers, Viviane suggested 9 simple tips for better food styling.  Here they are:

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