How to Use Direction and Quality of Light to Enhance Your Food Photos

Backlit Food Photos

Today we have Taylor Mathis from photographing FOOD series to show us how to use light direction correctly and enhance your food photos. Taylor is a food photographer from Charlotte, NC and will show you the concepts with simple subjects.

Take it away Taylor.

I’m going to show you how lighting direction and lighting quality can have a great impact on the look of your image. To keep the emphasis on the differences in lighting setups, I’m using honey and greek yogurt as my props. [Read more...]

11 Business Questions to Ask Your Next Food Photography Client and How to Get Started in the Business of Food Photography

Business of Food Photography

Business of Food Photography is the toughest topic to handle. Most photographers don’t like to talk about this subject. But Andrew Scrivani is different. On the third day of this 3-day workshop Andrew openly shared a lot of great information about the business of food photography. In this post, we present the main lesson from Day 3. [Read more...]

Camera Settings for Food Photography and Food Preparation (and Other Notes) from Andrew Scrivani’s Workshop

 Camera Setting for Food Photographers

In this workshop, Andrew started the session by explaining the Exposure triangle and White balance. Then the discussion moved to starting to shoot using Manual mode. Later Andrew taught how to prepare food for maximum effectiveness and take beautiful food photos. [Read more...]

Why Your Food Photo is Not Focused and How to Fix Out of Focus Pictures

Lentil Soup Photo

Food photos that are unintentionally out of focus cannot be corrected. Perfectly styled food with great use of props cannot save the photo, if the photographer fails to focus correctly.

You may be surprised to know how many things can go wrong that can cause out of focus pictures. Yes! even in auto-focus mode.

In this post, we get into one subject that isn’t talked about much in books or blogs. We discuss how auto focus mode can lead to out of focus images and how you can capture sharp food photos.

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9 Critical People You Absolutely Need for an Outstanding Food Photo Shoot

Photography Team

Photo Credit: juhansonin

That’s right… there are 9 people without whom your food photos will never make a great impact. If you do commercial work, you must know them and work with them. If you are a food blogger looking to create an amazing food photo, you absolutely have to learn to work with them.

Yes food bloggers!! you read it right. Read on.. [Read more...]

Why New Food Photographers Fail (and a FREE Book to Help You Succeed)

Rhubharb Crumble-17

With the rise in food blogging new food photographers are being born every day. Everyone wants to become an outstanding food photographer, but most people fail.

Some spend time trying to become a food photographer but month after month nothing changes. It quickly starts getting frustrating and you feel like you should quit. But quitting does work either. Every so often you still feel the urge, but nothing works.

Why do most food photographers fail? Is it luck or is it something very deep that prevents success?

Read on to understand the deep reasons why most food photographers fail and how failure sets in. Ignore this and you will fail. Embrace it and fight it and you will succeed.

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7 Steps to Instantly Finding Your Unique Photography Vision

Today we present a step by step exercise that will instantly improve your photography.

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7 Most Common Food Photography Crimes (and How to Save Yourself)


Being a food photographer, I am hungry for beautiful food photos – photos that inspire me and instigate me to create strong photos.  On a regular basis, friends and readers send me a tweet about a blog they like or a photo that moved them.

Some of these blogs are photographically strong, others are great blogs in general. Some of these photographs are beautiful and once in a while there are some photos that are just crime against photography.

Let’s discuss all of this in more detail…

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My Food Photography Process at a Food Photo Shoot

Crackers Triscuits-19The process of taking a food photo of a subject is always evolving. At times I sketch few ideas in advance, at other times the final image appears organically without preparing for it in advance.

Often we get questions from readers for food photography interviews asking “how many photos do you take for one good one” or “how do you plan for your food photos” or something in these lines. In this post, I share experience from my recent photo shoot and specifically the thought process once creative juices start flowing. 

7 Tips to Practice Food Photography Without Cooking Food

Sushi Photos Food photography is an art of photographing food. But what if you don’t have any food to photograph? What if you don’t like to cook or don’t want to cook? Is that what’s stopping you from practicing food photography?

In this post we talk about 7 tips on how to practice food photography even if you don’t have cooked food.

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