How to Photograph Salads Like Panera

Panera Salad Photos - Menu Board

Have you ever been to Panera Bread?

A few days ago, I went to pick up their Honey Wheat bread and noticed their menu board. Every time I go to Panera, same thing happens.

And every time this happens, I end up reacting the same way.

This time was no different.

So I walked in to the store and walked towards the cashier.

And immediately I started gawking at their menu boards. The photos on these menu boards were so… stunning that I just kept looking at them.

I started “reading” those salad photos. Trying to find where the light was coming from, or how the subject was styled…

Take a look at this photo…

Salads Photos on Panera Menu Board

Salads Photos on Panera Menu Board

The girl at the counter waited for me patiently while I was… well, lost in those photographs.

And after a while…

She said, “Sir… what would you like to order?”

Uh oh.

By now the line behind me was… long. Yup!!

The reason I was there? To pick up the bread. Remember?

And what was I doing?

Well… drooling over their salad photos.

So I bought what I wanted to as I was rushing out, I grabbed their menu with lots of salad photos…

Yes!! Salads – one of the toughest subjects to shoot.

I came home and started making mental notes about the salad photos. And that brings us to this post…

So here’s what’s in this post….

In this post, I deconstruct 5 salad photographs from Panera. One in the post below and four more in the  bonus video.

I will breakdown key elements of these food photos that make Panera salad photos so appealing. [Read more…]

In Next 30 Minutes Get Your Food Photography Back on Track – Download The Step by Step Guide

I have to share something with you… it’s personal and hard to admit.

Something that’s very hard to say out loud.

I did not reach my food photography goal this year.

There… it’s out now… I said it.

Here’s the thing –

This year, I set a goal to make more food photos in a year than ever before. And the truth is I am behind… way behind. In fact, I am embarrassed to even write this. [Read more…]

[Updated] Holiday Food Photography: How to Photograph Holiday Food

Holiday Food Photography Guide

[Updated: New tips added to this holiday food photography guide.]

Holidays are here again!

And we wrote a complete guide on how to photograph holiday food. It’s massive!! More like 4000-word massive.

In this guide we talk about everything from story telling with your food photos to setting the scene to lighting and composing your food photo for holidays.

And then there are 5 case studies too.

It’s all available for FREE!! Go to the complete guide to holiday food photos.


Partial Table of Content for Holiday Food Photo Tips

Read the entire Holiday Food Photography Guide.

Ever Had Your Food Photo Stolen?


In last few weeks, we’ve come across an astounding number of food photographers who have had their food photos stolen. Big magazines have done it. Big hotel chains are stealing food photos. Even famous chefs have used food photos without permission and not compensated food photographers.

We at LFP HQ would like to help you share the stories with fellow food photographers. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Use Direction and Quality of Light to Enhance Your Food Photos

Backlit Food Photos

Today we have Taylor Mathis from photographing FOOD series to show us how to use light direction correctly and enhance your food photos. Taylor is a food photographer from Charlotte, NC and will show you the concepts with simple subjects.

Take it away Taylor.

I’m going to show you how lighting direction and lighting quality can have a great impact on the look of your image. To keep the emphasis on the differences in lighting setups, I’m using honey and greek yogurt as my props. [Read more…]