Ever Had Your Food Photo Stolen?


In last few weeks, we’ve come across an astounding number of food photographers who have had their food photos stolen. Big magazines have done it. Big hotel chains are stealing food photos. Even famous chefs have used food photos without permission and not compensated food photographers.

We at LFP HQ would like to help you share the stories with fellow food photographers. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Use Direction and Quality of Light to Enhance Your Food Photos

Backlit Food Photos

Today we have Taylor Mathis from photographing FOOD series to show us how to use light direction correctly and enhance your food photos. Taylor is a food photographer from Charlotte, NC and will show you the concepts with simple subjects.

Take it away Taylor.

I’m going to show you how lighting direction and lighting quality can have a great impact on the look of your image. To keep the emphasis on the differences in lighting setups, I’m using honey and greek yogurt as my props. [Read more…]

11 Business Questions to Ask Your Next Food Photography Client and How to Get Started in the Business of Food Photography

Business of Food Photography

Business of Food Photography is the toughest topic to handle. Most photographers don’t like to talk about this subject. But Andrew Scrivani is different. On the third day of this 3-day workshop Andrew openly shared a lot of great information about the business of food photography. In this post, we present the main lesson from Day 3. [Read more…]

Camera Settings for Food Photography and Food Preparation (and Other Notes) from Andrew Scrivani’s Workshop

 Camera Setting for Food Photographers

In this workshop, Andrew started the session by explaining the Exposure triangle and White balance. Then the discussion moved to starting to shoot using Manual mode. Later Andrew taught how to prepare food for maximum effectiveness and take beautiful food photos. [Read more…]

Why Your Food Photo is Not Focused and How to Fix Out of Focus Pictures

Lentil Soup Photo

Food photos that are unintentionally out of focus cannot be corrected. Perfectly styled food with great use of props cannot save the photo, if the photographer fails to focus correctly.

You may be surprised to know how many things can go wrong that can cause out of focus pictures. Yes! even in auto-focus mode.

In this post, we get into one subject that isn’t talked about much in books or blogs. We discuss how auto focus mode can lead to out of focus images and how you can capture sharp food photos.

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