30+ Food Styling and Prop Styling Tips (and Other Food Photography Notes) from Andrew Scrivani’s Workshop

Food Photography Workshop

Andrew teaching about lighting

Today was the first day of food photography workshop… and was it something. This very insightful workshop had lot of great information. In this post, we’ve summarized the lessons in the workshop.

Prop Styling, Table setting tips and then how to get better at food styling… all that and more. [Read more…]

Free 3-Day Food Photography Workshop for Everyone

Pancakes and Yogurt

Would you like to attend a FREE 3-day food photography workshop? Yes!! Completely FREE. Taught by one of the most renowned food photographers of the industry.

What Will You Learn?

This three day workshop will cover a lot of lessons and topics. Everything about food photography will be taught. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Food Styling – How to style your food for amazing food photos and a live demo
  • Prop Styling – Learn to choose props and watch a live demo
  • Food Photography Gear
  • Camera settings for mouth watering food photos
  • Post production – You’ve shot the photo, what to do with it after the shot is in your camera
  • Food Photography Workflow
  • Business of Food Photography – How to become a professional food photography and earn money
  • Special for food bloggers – Low Budget Tips and Tricks

Who will Teach This Workshop?

This food photography workshop is being taught by frequent contributor to New York Times, world-renowned commercial and editorial food photographer Andrew Scrivani.

Andrew Scrivani visited us at Learn Food Photography blog sometime back. Andrew taught us about commercial food photography and his personal approach to food photography.

Andrew Scrivani

Andrew Scrivani

Take a look at the photos below made by Andrew.

How to Attend the 3-Day Workshop

This FREE 3-Day Workshop is being organized by creativeLIVE

On July 19th to July 21st, 9AM to 4PM Pacific Time you can attend the entire workshop on this page.

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Can’t Attend the Entire Workshop?

Have other engagements? Can’t attend the entire workshop? Here’s what you can do, all LFP Insiders will get end-of-day summary of the workshop. Don’t let your other engagements stop from learning from world renowned food photographer. Enter your details below to receive details about the workshop and end-of-day summaries.

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