Photographing Macarons and Chef Portraits: A Food Photographer’s Diary #8

Food Photographers Diary

This is a guest post series by photographer Evi Abeler. If you would like to write about food photography on learn food photography, visit guest post page to learn more.

In this post of food photographer’s diary, Evi shares a story of macaron photography. As a food photographer, there are instances when you may have to shoot portraits as well. Let’s hear from Evi, how she took macaron photos and portraits for chef.

How to Photograph Desserts

Dessert PhotoFood photography is challenging. Every dish has its own challenges and so does taking dessert photos. From melting ice creams to layered cake, getting a perfect photo of dessert can be challenging and enlightening. So, how do you photograph a dessert? Here’s how…

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8 Ice Cream Sundaes Photos That Will Make You Drool

Ice Cream 08

Drool over these 8 ice cream sundae photos.

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11 Mouth-Watering Dessert Shots To Make You Hungry

Dessert 3 Almond PuddingAlmond Pudding by zetson 

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first”.  – Ernestine Ulmer

There is something fascinating about dessert photographs that can make anybody crave for them. I don’t know anybody who does not like desserts. After spending some time looking at them, I thought these would be good to share with the readers. I am sure these will inspire you to take some great dessert pictures too. Here are 10 (+1) mouth-watering desserts shots that will make you want them now.

Caution: Don’t lick your computer screen.

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