Day 19: Fill Right Colors in Your Food Photos

Strawberry Parafait PhotoDo your food photos have right color? How do you decide which color would go with a red strawberry? Which photo works better in the photo above?

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21 (More) Food Photography Tips From Food Blogger Connect #FBC10 – Part 2: Food Styling, Colors and Post Processing

Dessert 6 This is part 2 of the 41 Food Photography Tips. Read the first 20 food photography tips here. Let’s continue and look at the next 21 tips…

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Wrong Colors in Your Photos: Common Problems with Your Photography – Part 3

SpinachThis is part three of the common problems in photography series. In the first part we talked about the problem of overexposed photos and in the second part, we looked at underexposed photograph and their solution. These two problems relate directly to the quantity of light getting in the camera. In this post though, we talk about a different kind of problem.

Why Your Cranberries Aren’t Red Enough and 5 Ways How to Photograph Them

Red Cranberries Are Your Cranberries Red Enough?

Ever had that feeling that those cranberries or strawberries you shot aren’t red enough? May be the apple pie you shot seemed a little – well – yellow. One of our readers sent me a tweet about her experience with food photography sharing sites. In this post we explain why exactly is your food isn’t looking good enough.

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