Find Your Vision

Vision for Photography “Vision is Beginning and End of Photography” – David duChemin

Vision is everything in photography.

Generate Photo Ideas For Your Portfolio

Photo IdeaWhat are you going to shoot tomorrow? What about next week? Are you planning to create you own portfolio? Do you have enough ideas on what to include in the portfolio?

Ask 4 Questions Before Post Processing Your Next Food Photo

Question Post Processing How long does it take you to post process an image? Of that time, what amount of that time do you spend understanding your intention with the photograph?

Learn How to Correct Color in Your Photos

Color Adjustment We have talked about importance of color to move your readers emotionally and create a temptation for food.

But when the colors are not right, the desire for the food in your photo is lost. This post talks about adjusting and correcting the colors in your photographs.

Learn the Darkroom

Basic Adjustments in Post Processing Post processing is almost as old as photography is. In film days, this was done in a darkroom with acids and fixers in a chemical bath.

Today those chemical baths and acids have been replaced by softwares like Lightroom, Aperture, GIMP and other post processing applications.

Draw Your Histogram

HistogramHave you met a person who has said this, “The thing I love about photography has nothing to do with the camera or lens. It doesn’t even have to do with that one important question every photographer should ask…

Its not looking at so many amazing photos…

Start Taming Light for Better Food Photos

Simple Light DiagramLight makes it all happen. If you can control light, you can do magic.

In this post, we talk about modifying light using two commonly used tools.

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Day 21: Phew… A Much Needed Catch Up Day

Food Photography TipsI am glad that there is another catch up day. I don’t know what you feel about it but I surely needed this day badly.

Day 20: Go Window Shopping At a Grocery Store and Improve Your Food Photography

Grocery Store Food Photo Window shopping can teach you a lot about food photography.

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Day 19: Fill Right Colors in Your Food Photos

Strawberry Parafait PhotoDo your food photos have right color? How do you decide which color would go with a red strawberry? Which photo works better in the photo above?

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