Develop Your Own Food Photography Improvement Plan – Day 30

30 Day Food Photos Day30

Today’s is the last day of 30 Days to Better Food Photos Workshop.

But the journey doesn’t end here. [Read more...]

Learn Simple Post Processing for Better Food Photography – Day 29

30 Day Food Photos Day29

Post processing can be a very intimidating topic, but it doesn’t have to be. [Read more...]

How to Prepare for Outstanding Food Photography – Day 28

30 Day Food Photos Day28

How was this week for you? [Read more...]

Day 27 – Deconstruct Food Photos

30 Day Food Photos Day27

In last four weeks, we’ve discussed several food photography topics.

[Read more...]

Day 26 – Take Bad Food Photographs (Using Sketch Shots)

30 Day Food Photos Day26

You are in the middle of cooking something, something that is time sensitive.  And while you are cooking, you see a beautiful photo opportunity, what do you do in those times? Do you make a photo or let it go? [Read more...]

Day 25 – Use Space Creatively in Food Photography

30 Day Food Photos Day25

We’ve talked about composition earlier in the challenge.

One of the elements of composition is use of space. Let’s learn more about using space. [Read more...]

Day 24 – Create a NOT To Use List for Your Next Food Photo Shoot

30 Day Food Photos Day24

Today’s tip is really very simple. It is so simple that most people won’t even give it a serious thought. [Read more...]

Day 23 – Sketch the Story for Better Food Photography

30 Day Food Photos Day23

Yesterday you created a shot list for your subject.

Today we’ll discuss the next step of preparation. [Read more...]

Day 22 – Create a Shotlist for Your Food Photography Shoot

30 Day Food Photos Day22

So far we’ve learned about lighting for food photography, food styling 101 and prop styling.

Today you will learn one way to prepare for your photo shoot. This preparation helps you save time when you are working with food subject where time is very critical. [Read more...]

Day 21 – Simple Food Styling Tips and Prop Styling Tips for Better Food Photos – Week 3 Recap

30 Day Food Photos Day21

Day 21 is here. Another catch up day.

This week we focused on prop styling and food styling. [Read more...]