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I have to share something with you… it’s personal and hard to admit.

Something that’s very hard to say out loud.

I did not reach my food photography goal this year.

There… it’s out now… I said it.

Here’s the thing –

This year, I set a goal to make more food photos in a year than ever before. And the truth is I am behind… way behind. In fact, I am embarrassed to even write this. [Read more…]

[Updated] Holiday Food Photography: How to Photograph Holiday Food

Holiday Food Photography Guide

[Updated: New tips added to this holiday food photography guide.]

Holidays are here again!

And we wrote a complete guide on how to photograph holiday food. It’s massive!! More like 4000-word massive.

In this guide we talk about everything from story telling with your food photos to setting the scene to lighting and composing your food photo for holidays.

And then there are 5 case studies too.

It’s all available for FREE!! Go to the complete guide to holiday food photos.


Partial Table of Content for Holiday Food Photo Tips

Read the entire Holiday Food Photography Guide.

Capturing Action Shots: How To Create Drama in Food Photos

Capturing Action in Food Photo

Capturing Action

How can you make your food photo more powerful? Create drama.

How can you create drama in your next photo? Add motion.

How can you add motion? Read this. [Read more…]

Here it is: 6 Amazing Food Photos from January

Photo by Preeti Tamilarasan

Photo by Preeti Tamilarasan

Can you believe January is already gone?

And half of February too?

That’s right… more than 1/12 of the year already disappeared.

How are you doing on your food photography goal? Did you take any action on this goal yet? Just like you, many fellow food photography enthusiasts decided on the goal. The difference is they are making progress because they are taking action.

Are you?

In this post, you will meet six of those food photographers – those that took action and made progress.   [Read more…]

DMBLGiT Jan 2016

DMBLGiT Jan 2016

We re-launched DMBLGiT in February 2015… just about an year ago.

At least twice a year, LFP hosts DMBLGiT contest to put all our energy in this contest. In these months, we try something different and run secret and sometimes not so secret experiments. This is one of those months. And this month, we are again experimenting with something.  [Read more…]