Here it is: 6 Amazing Food Photos from January

Photo by Preeti Tamilarasan

Photo by Preeti Tamilarasan

Can you believe January is already gone?

And half of February too?

That’s right… more than 1/12 of the year already disappeared.

How are you doing on your food photography goal? Did you take any action on this goal yet? Just like you, many fellow food photography enthusiasts decided on the goal. The difference is they are making progress because they are taking action.

Are you?

In this post, you will meet six of those food photographers – those that took action and made progress.  

How We Selected These Six Photos

Interested in getting your photo in the February list? Read on…

These six photos were selected by a panel of judges as part of DMBLGiT Monthly contest.

Every month food photographers from all around the world submit their food photos in this food photography contest. A panel of 4-6 judges select the best of the best food photos and rank them in two different ways:

  1. Category Winners – Photographs are judged in three categories – Edibility, Aesthetics and Originality. For each of these category, we choose photographs who are not overall winners.
  2. Overall Winners – These photographs are the top notch. Winners by looking at all three aspects mentioned above.

You can read more about the contest here.

Meet the Judges

Starting the last DMBLGiT that LFP hosted in July, we invited our past winners as the new judges. We invited three of them.

Judging is hard. It takes time and it takes effort. Thank you to our judges for giving us time for our mission of taking food photography forward.

Meena Kumar

Meena won August 2015 DMBLGiT contest. Meena blogs at Elephants and the Coconut Trees. Her blog name has to do with the spice capital of India (world?). You can read more about Meena here.

Sreelatha Shenoy and Anup Payyakkil

Dad, Mom (and Sonshine) team where Mom cooks, Dad clicks and Son tastes. They blog at Framed Recipes and won DMBLGiT Nov 2015. Read more about them here. Dad and Mom were both judges for this contest.

Putu Trisna Dewi

Dewi is from the magical land of Bali… Dewi won December 2015 DMBLGiT. She blogs at Puri Widiyadari. You can read more about her here.

Top 6 Food Photos from January

When there are many amazing photographers submitted in a contest it is always tough to judge. This month, that was the case. We tallied all the points and identified the top 3 overall winners – those photographs that were strong in all three categories. Often overall winners were top in the categories as well. You will see the top photographs soon.

Category winners were strong in one (or more) of the three. These were the photographs that scored top points in a category and were either equal or slightly below the overall winning photographs. Let’s look at them one at a time…

Edibility Winner

Edibility, the aspect of food photography that makes us jump in and eat it all… The photograph this Jan that made us eat the whole screen was taken by Anupa Joseph.

Raita photograph

Pomogranate Raita by Anupa Joseph

Originality Winner

A photo that captures the subject in a new form? Judges agreed that it is a unique way to plate popcorns… Yes, Caramel popcorns with coffee salt! Photo was taken by Hein van Tonder

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Popcorn with Coffee Salt by Hein van Tonder


Aesthetics Winner

Right use of color makes a strong photograph. So does the design elements and shapes and lines. This January Swayampurna Mishra‘s photograph of Masala Dabba or Box of Spices was chosen aesthetic winner.

Box of Spices

Masala Dabba by Swayampurna Mishra

And now the overall winners…

Overall Winner # 3

Dark on dark photographs are hard to make. They are challenging in many different ways. This Miso soup photograph is different, aesthetic pleasing and makes you slurp the whole thing… Congratulations! Sabrina Dietz… slurp… it’s amazing.

Miso Soup Photograph

Miso Soup Photograph by Sabrina Dietz

Overall Winner #2

Nusrat Suborna captured curried chickpeas on dark tone as well… The curried chickpeas are captured in a new way.. the use of green and the tone is a bit subdued to not overpower the photograph and chickpea becomes the main focal point. It is this direction of eye that makes strong photos.

DMBLGiT_Jan_2016 (22)

Overall Winner #1

Podi… or sambar powder is a challenging subject. Where does you eye go in this overall winning photograph? To the yellow powder I bet. That’s what makes this the overall winner #1. Preeti is no stranger to powerful food photographs. Indian Kitchen (or Jo Preet’s Kitchen) has lot of amazing photos.

This photograph, once again a dark on dark, (which as it is apparent is quite popular these days), has all the right elements that make it an appealing photograph. Congratulations Preeti Tamilarasan.

Indian food photograph

Sambar Powder or Podi by Preeti Tamilarasan

Want Your Photograph in February List?

In February we will publish a February top food photos too. If you want your photograph to be considered, sign up for DMBLGiT Invitation list below –

P.S. The next batch of 30 Days to Better Food Photos course opens in next few weeks. If you are interested in joining the course, sign up here.

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