5 Senses of Food Photography, Workshop Videos and Wrap Up

Food Photography Workshop CreativeLive

Did you attend this three day food photography workshop organized by CreativeLive? Diane and Todd shared amazing number of insights in this workshop.

We learned everything from styling boring food like chilli/curry to photographing in restaurant. They shared with us how to use light for better food photos.

In this post, we share some lessons we learned from this workshop.

5 Senses of Food Photography That You Should Capture

Diane and Todd talked about 5 senses of food photography. Each time you take a food photograph capturing these senses in your food photograph will create more impact in your food photos.

Here are those 5 senses:

  1. Sense of Taste
  2. Sense of Smell
  3. Sense of Place
  4. Sense of Time
  5. Sense of Authenticity

So how do you capture smell? Diane and Todd give an example of eating at a firewood pizza place where you can smell the pizza or grill that you can smell smoke. You can capture smell by showing smoke and the grill. By showing food being grilled and smoke embracing the food.

Place can be captured by leaving clues about the place. For instance, are you at someone’s home? What clues can you leave? Is this food about picnic? How can you show picnic?

For capturing time, ask questions like, is the story about morning? Is it breakfast at morning? or lunch in the afternoon? Time can also mean, what time of the year is this? Is it winter? or summer? Or is it story about old times, grandma’s place, or something really modern.

Authenticity is about realness of emotions. Is the photo about staged food or about real story. Is the photo about spotless clean food or is it about messy dinner time.

This is About the Story

In this section, Diane and Todd are talking about elements of storytelling. They are talking about understanding your story, ensuring that you identify the elements of this story and then using them in your photograph.

Other Topics Covered in This Workshop

  • How to find your unique voice?
  • Detailed Tutorial on Natural Food Styling
  • Very thorough food photo shoots on 14 different subjects including tough subjects like chilli, salad, fried chicken and dessert with multiple dishes to name a few.
  • How to use food photography to earn a side income?
  • Total of 36 videos with very detailed tips and training on food photography, food styling, prop styling and business of food photography

Take a look at list of these videos here.

Watch This Workshop

CreativeLive has posted all the videos from this workshop on their website. This was an incredibly content rich workshop and many LFP readers enjoyed it.

This was so incredibly helpful that many LFP readers even bought it from CreativeLive website. If you’d like to own it, you can find the information on Course Page.


  • Mukul Desai

    Tnanks to LFP(Neel),Creativelive & Diane and Todd for this free work shop. I am able to see only first day work shop (Rebroadcast). After watching this, I baught some props & started clicking, I am sharing this images with all. Becouse of Monsoon Day light is changing his mood friqvently. Some pitcures was taken in fluorescent light, just to see the arregement on table.
    Fill free to Critisize

  • Agnieszka Potocka

    I like the idea of thinking how to show the smell. I thought at that time about squeezed juicy lemons – always fresh and you just feel that taste and smell 🙂