15 Amazing Food Photos from 2012

Each year many amazing new artists enter food photography world. There are many outstanding food photographers and artists we have interviewed in past. We have discussed the work of many other food photographers here on this food photography blog.

In this post, we present food photos of 15 such food photographers that we discovered in 2012.

15 Amazing Food Photos from Newly Discovered Food Photographers

So without any other words, let’s look at 15 food photos that we discovered last year. Don’t forget to Pin these images.



Source: pepper.ph via Neel on Pinterest







Source: purevege.com via Neel on Pinterest


Source: flickr.com via Neel on Pinterest



Source: jannepeters.de via Neel on Pinterest




Source: reachli.com via Neel on Pinterest


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Is this a comprehensive list of all amazing food photographers? Certainly not. These are just those amazing food photogs, that we have seen in last one year.


Who Did We Miss?

I am certain we’ve missed a lot of other outstanding food photographers. Tell us who we should include here in the comments below. Leave a comment with your favorite NEW food photographer’s name.

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  1. These are great, thank you for sharing. I sense a strong consistent style in many of them. These are good examples.

  2. These are great images, however being from pinterest it is hard to source them. For example who photographed the drizzling honey or the pouring tea? the link is just to a tumblr site, so we have no idea who the photographer was or where the image was originally published. Would love to know the photographers behind all of these images.

  3. [img]http://m.facebook.com/pages/NeatekimYemek-StilistiYemek-Fotoğrafçısı/129751223903?id=129751223903&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com.tr%2Fsearch&_rdr#!/photo.php?fbid=10151226964118904&id=129751223903&set=a.132396798903.105888.129751223903&refid=17[/img] Food Photographer- Neatekim from İstanbul/Turkey

  4. All the photos are great. Thanks for sharing ! I hope you like my photos as well. http://www.neatekim.com or Neatekim page on Facebook

  5. Thanks for showing these outstanding food photos. They are just great! And I already look forward to your update of the food photographers like Jenn already mentioned because I am also curious to get to know who made the wonderful pic of the honey :)

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